The Closet: Before & After

When we first moved into our house (18 months ago!) we had a plan to create storage for our shoes.  Until that happened, my shoes were being stored in boxes in my walk-in closet and T's shoes were being stored on the floor against a wall in the master bedroom.  Neither of these temporary storage solutions were at all ideal.

My shoe situation often turned into this.
[ahem...yes, all my pictures will be as poor of quality as this. sorry!]
Yeah, it's pretty embarrassing. And while it was easy clean-up (just toss everything into boxes!) it was a nightmare every time I was hunting for a specific pair of shoes.

Originally, my father-in-law was going to help us build some type of shoe storage. After he passed last year we knew we were going to have to do some things on our own (we are so handicapped when it comes to anything semi-construction). We've done little tiny projects here and there (read: painted, a few really super tiny yard fixes) but I think we were both a little terrified to do anything remotely difficult. But finally one day I was SO frustrated at the shoe situation that I declared the following weekend SHOE STORAGE BUILDING WEEKEND.

We loaded the boys up and took them to their favorite place ever (you know, because of the car carts!)

This will absolutely not be a DIY post because I do not at all recommend you build these shelves the way we did.  We totally botched it but you won't be able to tell from the pictures :)
Jack was pretty impressed with the wood cutting machine at Home Depot but Phillip was absolutely not a fan. You should have seen how fast this smile turned into giant tears and the poutiest face you've ever seen.

After not just one (as planned) but many weekends (ugh!) we took our walk-in shelf situation from this

to this

a little side by side action for you?
[oh sorry, did you already scroll back and forth 50 times?]
Like I said, we definitely botched it but we are pretty proud of the turn-out anyway!
Considering we have ZERO experience. Zero.

I think Tom's favorite part is it forced me to purge my shoes. I think I must have thrown out ten pairs. And now my new rule is one pair in, one pair out. I was doing pretty good about that until I bought a pair of booties at Gap last week and I just can't decide what pair of shoes to trash! Oh, do you want to see Tom's shoes?
Yeah, he has nine pairs.
I haven't even counted mine but the comparison is pretty ridiculous.
3 shelves vs 7 shelves [some double stacked haha!]

My last shoe problem resided with my boots.
I was not very happy with the slumpy top situation.

I remembered reading somewhere [probably pinterest?] that you could stuff your boots with cut up pool noodles to keep the shape. So I picked up some clearanced pool noodles at Target, sliced them up and voila! My boots stand up!
Preeeetty happy about that.

So what do you guys think?
Do you feel inspired? HA.
Have you even done a project where you had no idea what you were doing? Tell me about it!


  1. Oh my goodness, I need to do that for my shoes! I have them on shoe racks but I have too many that they don't all fit and boots just sit all over the floor. I might just have to take a weekend and go for it!

    1. it's the best! and amazingly - my shoes actually get put back in the right spot every time! it's AMAZING how much easier it is to find the shoes i want ha! DO IT!

  2. Wow this is amazing!! I never know how to store my shoes. Also, I have total shoe envy right now too ha

    1. Thanks, Becky! I feel like I love it a little bit more every time I put my shoes away! - or get new shoes haha! Shoes are seriously the hardest to find a place to store...they have to be easy to see & grab which means you need lots of space which we all know is hard to come by!


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