The pictures we took 3 months ago.

My little sister was in town a few weeks ago and saw a picture hanging on my gallery wall that she had never seen before.  She was like "how have I never seen this picture before?!" And then I realized while I meant to post these pictures we had taken for Phillip's 6 month and Jack's 2nd year marks, I never actually did ha! SO...sorry family.
Also. I've still only printed one. Better get on that since we're getting family pictures later this month and then I'll want to hang those instead!

I almost never go to a photo studio for portraits but JC Penney had an awesome Groupon for $20 that included a CD and 3 prints.  Then on top of that I had a Groupon coupon code for $5 off so I got these all for $15! I think they turned out pretty cute for being studio shots!

Happy Sunday!

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