Meet our little troublemaker.

He goes by Phillip or "Pillip" or "Pup" or "Baby."

Currently: 11 months old, almost walking, into everything, can't sit still for the life of him, a trouble-maker through and through.

But also just about the smiliest, happiest, friendliest baby you ever did meet. And so cute that we forgive him for all his wrong-doings aka causing disasters everywhere he goes.

Exhibit A: we sometimes do not feed him breakfast fast enough so the only way to satisfy is to just give him the bowl and let him have at it. he's resourceful so it works out.

Exhibit B: the high chair Jack used until 18 months old could not restrain Phillip past six months. Tighten that seat belt as much as you want, folks. He will get out.
We now store him in a safer, non-fabric (hence, no give) high chair.

 Exhibit C: always climbing everything. Everything.

 Exhibit D: no words.

Exhibit E: Jack might be in the picture but "Pillip" made 90% of this mess.
Note the smile.

Exhibit F: The Dishwasher. "Pup's" favorite toy of all the toys.
Gotta make sure you close it til it locks because otherwise he knows how to open it.

Exhibit G: The laundry monster. Should I post the video of how hilarious he thought it was to pull my folded clothes out of the basket as fast as he could? Especially after I told him "no." It was real comical, guys. Real comical. Especially while I was re-folding all those clothes.

Exhibit H: Looking at this picture, I don't feel as bad for poor little Pup who Jack sits on and says "giddy up, horsey! yee-haw!" Don't dish it if you can't take it. Amiright?

Exhibit I: If you have ever had a "climber" for a child then you know what I mean when I say what is the point of cart seat belts anyway?

Exhibit J: Oh, did you just pack all that, mom?
[just kidding...luckily this is jamie's suitcase full of mission clothes she was modeling for us ha.]

Exhibit K: "what's in this box, guys?

"Pizza? Don't mind if I do."

Exhibit L: that climbing thing again.

I could go all the way to Z but I think you get the idea.

If you are wondering where I have been (hello? blogging world? do you even still exist?" I wouldn't know since I am probably 300 posts behind on reading other blogs and about the same amount of posts behind here) THIS is one of the very main reasons. Can't. Keep. Up. Well, I can. But I can't keep up + blog.

You win some, you lose some.

See you for a photo dump really very soon!



  1. Oh my goodness, too precious!!! And with that smile, how could you ever think he's doing anything wrong, am I right? :)


  2. Love the baby! i about died from the cuteness! Doing a free Burberry fragrance giveaway on my blog if you want to enter!!

  3. sooo cute! he is such a trouble maker!


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