Okay, I'm a little bit of a drama queen but Jack, Phillip & I are ALL sick which is just about the last thing I needed when the house has already been a mess for weeks and I feel like I'm playing catch-up all. the. time.

Today will be spent (wasted!) hanging out on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Christmas 1,000 times. And because Phillip is on the mend (the boys have got hand, foot & mouth disease ugh!) there will also be some baby-chasing going on. And meals still have to be made. And diapers still have to be changed. And sippy cups still need to be filled up. And so when I said today will be spent on the couch I mostly meant the next five minutes (while the boys are playing mostly nicely together in the playroom - I'm hearing the occasional "baaaaaaby nooooo don't touch that!!!" in a very high pitched squeal) will be spent on the couch nursing my pounding headache and throbbing sore throat.

Oh. And since this blog post is already a big fat whine-fest, I'll just go ahead and tell you the worst part of it all.  The family Christmas party at Tom's office is on Friday and the kids were supposed to meet Santa (and get gifts from him!) and I am SO bummed because I think Jack would have been really excited about meeting Santa this year not to mention the family Christmas party is always a good time. Granted, he will still meet Santa at our church Christmas party but now what to do with those gifts Santa was supposed to give the boys on Friday?! SO BUMMED.

Well. Jack just came running in screaming "mommy! the train fell down!" - and I thought he said the tree fell down so I was a little bit panicked for half a second thinking someone knocked down the Christmas tree ha. I must go check out the train-fell-down business as Jack is tugging on me saying "come on, mommy!" And also Phillip just came crawling in and is hysterical that I won't let him touch the computer. much for hanging out on the couch all day?!

I will be back SO soon with many blog updates! Promise promise.


  1. oh my goodness--I wish I lived close to you to help take care of you all! xoxoxo THANK GOODNESS IT WASN'T THE TREE. AHAHHA DYING OVER THAT PART. sad you're sick! boo!

  2. So sad that you are all sick! I can relate to the house being a mess... I don't even have kids and there is stuff everywhere, we still haven't even decorated fully for Christmas and it's overdue for a deep cleaning. sigh... I'm glad it was a whine-fest, just what I needed today :) thanks for letting me join in!

  3. okay well if you're alive, how come it's been 16 days since you've blogged? are you dead for real this time?


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