a few randoms for your tuesday.

just in case you are doing some late night scrolling and want to breeze through my completely random photo update. still working on that catching up biz. this is the last catch-up post so can i get a HALLELUJAH?! Up next: Christmas. so stay tuned! and breeze on through...

i have to tell you that i'm really unimpressed with sacramento's children's museum. which is sort of a bummer considering it's like 5 minutes from my house and would be an awesome place to have an annual pass to...if it was awesome. which it's really not. i've been to two other children's museums (houston & SLC) and they are both 1,000 times better. BUT the water tables with built in high chairs? one point for sacramento children's museum. phillip loves it!

Even though the museum is overall pretty lame, Jack doesn't know it and it's still a giant play-place to him so we frequent it about once every six months when we snag a free pass at the library ha. Mostly he loved going with his BFF emma.

^this little one started standing unassisted and taking one or two steps at a time about two months ago. finally last week he overnight (i swear, it happened overnight!) became an official walker! i say finally only because i thought he would walk months ago considering he was pulling himself up and walking along furniture at 7 months! still he is 3 weeks ahead of jack (who didn't even start army crawling until 9 months!) and walking before his first birthday!

^baby bums are just so cute, i couldn't resist.

PLEASE someone else tell me you have horrible awful TERRIBLE post-partum hair re-growth. it is the WORST. right around 5 months post-partum i start getting little tiny fly-aways right at the front of my hairline. like front & center. at first it's not so bad but give it a couple months of growth and it looks like THIS.
i tell you it just gets worse and worse with each passing week until finally the hair is long enough to be pinned back some way. i look forward to the day that i can have good hair days again. *sigh*

for the longest time jack jack really wanted to ride "daddy's train." if tom is headed downtown for work (it's rare) then we'll often drop him off at the light rail and he takes that into downtown. anytime we do this jack just begs to go on daddy's train ha. when tom finally had some time off (woohoo, thanksgiving break!) we took the cute little beggar and his brother on a train ride downtown. it about made his life.

When we got off the train we headed to Old Sac and let the littles look around a toy store and then grabbed lunch at Round Table before re-boarding the train (our main attraction ha). Apparently it was all very exciting because we tired the little buggers out and this happened on the ride home:

I've told you before about chatbooks but I'll just tell you again: we LOVE them! our newest edition came in the mail recently and jack & i cuddled right up in front of the fire to flip through it.

 i seriously love looking through all the chatbooks and reminiscing. it's crazy how fast these littles change!

Hi, I'm Phillip. I had my first Oreo recently and I pretty much thought I was in heaven.

aaand just because i never posted these ridiculously sweet pictures of jamie & the boys saying good-bye before she headed out for her 18-month mission! jack jack misses her SO much.

PS check out her blog and weekly updates (ummm, new ones coming soon, i promise!) here.

see you soon for a christmas post!

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