A little black & white for your Friday night.

Basically all my pictures that didn't look very good in color (read: i stink at taking pictures in good lighting).

^so sick! so sad!^

"daddy, what did you get?"

hiiiii, jai! (more on this in tomorrow's post!)

^cousins make the best friends^

^a birthday at the movie theater!^

hiiii, kelli.

happy birthday to yours truly!

messy room + 14? week baby bump.

a little boy just waiting to facetime daddy.
we hate when daddy has to go out of town.

i took both babies to my 15 week prenatal appointment thinking i would be in & out in no time and they would be perfectly well-behaved. wrong. wrong.

the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound (i also had one at 9 weeks) instead of listening to the heartbeat by doppler since the baby is still so small. i've never had an OB opt for ultrasound before even trying the doppler this far along. buuut not complaining. an extra chance to see the baby? OKAY! however. this meant a very, very long wait for our turn to go into the ultrasound room which meant a very wiggly & exhausted baby. 

but you guys. my doctor is seriously the best. and she kept coming in to check on us and apologizing for the long wait. and then she came in and held Phillip and could tell he was getting so antsy and so she took the boys to her office and showed them around. she let them touch all her little knick-knacks sitting around and i had to bend over to pick my jaw up off the floor because seriously what doctors do stuff like that anymore?! i'm seriously just amazed by her every time i go in.

popcorn & movie dates have become a regular thing at our house since daddy is in busy season.
90% of the time we watch Planes unless I can somehow convince my 2-year-old date to switch it up every once in awhile.

these rain gutters now serve as bookshelves in our (newly designed! - coming to the blog soon!) playroom but for one night Jack was pretty sure they were new racetracks and tunnels. imagination at its finest.

 no explanation needed.

see you here tomorrow for a christmas day post! xoxo

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