Christmas Eve!

CHRISTMAS EVE. I know, it was weeks ago but better late than never! We started the day off by making sugar cookies at my parents' house in the late morning. We might have to make this a tradition. This year Jack was only interested in cutting & decorating for a grand total of three minutes but I'm thinking in future years he will love it!

^^ there are almost never true candid photos of me & the boys because T just isn't a picture-taker and so a special thanks to my dad for capturing this moment with Jack Jack!

Before heading to the annual Wallace family Christmas Eve party that night (which I have exactly zero pictures of), we let the boys open their Christmas Eve presents (always a book - or in this year's case, they both got a set of books!).  Jack was pretty excited to finally get to open one of the presents from under the tree!

We actually bought these Cars books back in October while we were at Disneyland because I knew they would be perfect for his Christmas Eve book present! He immediately wanted Daddy to read him all four of them.

I promise that little Phillip was with us on Christmas Eve all day. Somehow he just didn't make a presence in any of my pictures ha! I think he was napping during the sugar cookie making and I know I took pictures of him opening his books (If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie-type books set!) but either they didn't turn out and I deleted them or they are missing. Because they are not on the computer haha. But he was there! And he opened his book present! And he liked it...for about two seconds before something else was more interesting haha!

After our Christmas Eve party we came home and put the boys to bed and Santa Claus came not much later! We didn't do any milk/cookies or reindeer food this year because the boys were beat (who am I kidding - so were we!) and they wouldn't really understand anyway. Plus I think Santa got his fill of cookies & milk at all the other houses :) Next year, Santa!

I'm pretty sure I'm more giddy at Christmas now than I ever was as a child! It is SO FUN to wait to see your kids' reactions to their presents! I seriously could not wait for Christmas morning to come! Stay tuned for Christmas Day post coming soon!

PS Santa sure did make quite a ruckus while putting out Phillip's Little People toys (which all make sounds with no volume control!) but luckily no little children were awakened :)


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  1. Sugar Cookies on Christmas Eve are such a fun tradition!!! Little Jack's hair steals my heart!!!


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