Christmas & New Year's Recap

It's heeeere. Our Christmas & New Year's recap! Less than one month late, let's CELEBRATE! But you can all forgive me now that you know about the baby and the first trimester exhaustion, right? Great. Onward...

^Christmas morning!^

We had to wake the boys up at 7:15 so they could see what Santa brought for them before we had to run out the door to be at my parents' by 8am. My littlest sister is serving a mission and was allowed to Skype us on Christmas Day. She's on the East coast and was Skyping at 11am her time so 8am california time ahhh! SO EARLY. But we definitely didn't want to miss even a minute so we hurried our Christmas morning festivities and dragged our tired booties out the door by 7:45am. Eek.

The boys loved their presents and my suspicion that they would both be more interested in Phillip's presents because they were toys (Jack had coloring supplies) was definitely correct ha.

After emptying their stockings (full of toothbrushes and sippy cups - so exciting!) Jack really wanted to read Phillip's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books from Christmas Eve. Can you believe I have actually never read any of those books? I should now that we have them!

My sister has only been gone since early November but it was still so fun & exciting to get to Skype her!

And my very favorite facial expressions happened when the boys started updating her on 49ers football... (sidenote: sorry for the horrible yellow-ish lighting!)

After Skyping we did our annual Christmas breakfast with my family (no pictures) and then spent time opening presents with them (minimal pictures...I'm awful).

Easily, Jack's favorite present of the day was his Mr. Potato Head from Great-Grandma. We could barely get him to even open the rest of his presents haha!


I swear that 90% of our gifts were wrapped in Amazon boxes and every time Jack saw one he'd exclaim: "YES! A package!!!" Clearly, we have been receiving too many packages this time of year ha!

Loved having my little sister visit for the fact that she carried all my laundry inside my parents' house for me (our machine was leaking for awhile eek!).

PS I liked her visiting for other reasons too.

We celebrated my 26th in my favorite way...playing games with family, ringing in the new year with sparkling cider, and CREPES.

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