Phillip is ONE!

I can't even believe my baby is one! He is still often referred to as "Baby" around here but he is proving to us every day that he is leaving the babyhood and becoming a little toddler! Part of me says "noooo!" but the other part is so excited for each new stage and to see him learn & grow! On to a few things about our sweet Phillip at one year old!

-He is 18lb 11oz (5%) and 29" long (25%). He's so much smaller than Jack Jack who was 20lb at 6 months ha!
-He is generally a really happy baby and definitely a people-lover. He will smile at just about anybody he sees and is the biggest flirt.

-He is SO energetic. I swear he never runs out of energy! He is into everything and you have to keep a close eye on him at all times or else he will for sure get into trouble! He's a pro at unrolling the toilet paper rolls and pulling everything out of any cabinets or drawers that do not have baby locks.
-Master climber. I find this little one climbing on everything!

-Started walking about two weeks before his first birthday and now he is everywhere! Sometimes he tries to run after Jack but his little feet can't keep up so he is often face-planting haha
-He can't decide if he's a mama's boy or daddy's boy. He is back and forth not just on the daily but by the minute! He'll really want mama but then suddenly he is whining and desperately reaching for daddy or vice-versa. I guess it's good to know he really loves us both!

-Working on his 8th tooth and also getting his one-year molars. Those things are a beast.
-Almost sleeps through the night. He does wake up once or twice a night just because he can't find his binky. I stumble in and replace it and he's out like a light within seconds.
-Considering what months 3-9 were like, it's amazing that I'm telling you this but: he is the easiest baby to put down for bed (and usually naps, too). We just give him his pacifier and a stuffed animal, turn on his light/sound machine (which plays a lullaby all night), give him a kiss, and lay him in the crib. He rolls right over onto his tummy and goes right to sleep! I swear by The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight. Changed my life, I'm serious.
-Sleeps 6:30-6:30. I generally bring him into bed with me when he wakes up at 6:30am and feed him a Go-Go Squeeze and then he is back out for another hour or so.
-Finished nursing about two weeks before his first birthday (right around when he started walking!).

-Says "mama," "dada," and "no no no." If you ask him where Jack is he will find him and point to him. He can clap, wave (old news, old news but still including!), smack his lips and blow raspberries...all on command. Does that make it sound like he's a dog? Haha!
-We swear he says "what's that?" but I'm still in denial as he has been saying it since about 9 months old! He points at everything and clear as day it sounds like "what's that?" (always whispered ha!) but I still feel like he is so young to be saying something as advanced as that so who knows!
-He is so, so sensitive and just a stern voice can bring him to tears very fast! Both of my boys have been this way and we have to be very careful when we correct behaviors to be very soft-spoken and sensitive otherwise they will burst into tears! He also has the saddest sad face you have ever seen!

-He is so patient with Jack who plays "swords" with him (read: beats him with the sword ha) and rides him like a horsey while saying "giddy, up horsey! yee-haw!"
-He used to get called a girl every single time we went out but it has been at least two weeks since we've heard that so fingers crossed he has maybe passed his girl look-alike stage?! Haha!

-He thinks Jack is the funniest person on the planet. We love having two little boys so close in age!
-Bluest blue eyes.
-Still has a reddish tint to his blonde hair, although we don't get comments on it nearly as often as we used to.
-The majority of people say he looks like Jack & Daddy but ask anyone in the family and they will all tell you they don't think so! I don't know who I think he looks like!

Happy birthday, Baby! You have brought so much joy into our lives and home and we cannot even imagine life without you in it! Everyone around here absolutely adores you :) We sure love you!

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