Photo DUMP.

Like really a huge dump. Ready for it?

Highlights as of late:
 -watching/helping daddy put up the christmas lights.
 -chopping my hair.
 -playing with jack's BFF emma.
 -toddler dance parties in our playroom.
 -visiting the ducks at the pond.
 -reuniting with some friends.
 -jack jack & daddy going to the kings game (while mommy & phillip stayed home sick, lame!)
 -lots of rain
 -library visits
 -jack & phillip really starting to play together a lot (it is so fun too see!)
 -pwc's holiday party

And the lowlights?:
 -jack, phillip & mommy ALL coming down with hand, foot & mouth disease.
 -missing pwc's family holiday party (and santa claus!) due to the above. boo.
 -daddy working 70 hour weeks.

warning: close your eyes (& scroll real fast!) if you're squeamish or don't like feet!
our hand, foot & mouth nasty!

^ so long, top knots! ^
^ "see duck? this is mr. bunny!" ^

^ the most comfortable sleep positions ever ^

^ do you know how impossible it is to get a good picture of two 2-year-olds? ^

^ don't worry, those christmas lights did not stay for more than 5 minutes. i am well aware that they would have been a definite strangulation hazard had we left them! but jack loved them for the 5 minutes then were up haha ^

^ Phillip was called a girl twice this day ^


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