GENDER REVEAL TOMORROW! - Cast your votes!

Friends! We find out the gender TOMORROW. Our ultrasound appointment is in less than 9 hours and HOLY COW am I excited! Like I can barely contain myself! I feel like it's Christmas Eve. Baby Ultrasound Eve. It's a thing.

Cast your votes! What are we having? Boy? Girl? TWINS? <---- just kidding, it's not twins. I've had two ultrasounds already...there is just one baby!

Make sure you are following along on instagram (@marciwallace) for the reveal tomorrow! SO EXCITED.

Oh, and my guess? I honestly don't even have a guess! No inklings. I'm not swayed more one way than the other at all. With both Jack & Phillip I thought boy but this time I just have no feelings one way or the other! And I'm totally torn on what I want it to be. A girl would be SO fun. I mean pink and glitter and all things girly!? That is right down my alley. But another boy? Oh my goodness. I see the little newborn boy clothes and I. Can't. Even. Seriously though, you guys. DYING.


  1. So exciting! I'm going to guess girl, just because I feel that one is due. :)


  2. Ah! I'm so excited for you! I am going to guess...girl!

  3. Your little baby bump is so cute, Marci! I say GIRL too!


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