Oh, hello! Just dumping 1,000 photos and giving you our January/early February highlights with high hopes of being a more regular blogger come March! xoxo

Highlight: Donuts for breakfast on Valentine's Day. Jack always ends up choosing one with sprinkles.

and he chose a ridiculously ginormous one for phillip...who ate the entire thing. It's fine because he can use as many calories as he can get anyway considering he's in the 5th percentile for weight haha!

Highlight: devouring the giant frosted heart sugar cookie grandma & grandpa left on our kitchen counter one day while we were out (I mean how sweet, right?!)
^I made Jack quote the joker from batman (you know, "let's put a smile on that face!") and then sent the video to tom because his frosting was just perfect ha.
Side note: I hate that movie and I didn't really know how the quote went so Jack actually said "wipe that smile off your face" until I was corrected by tom haha.

Highlight: facetiming daddy 500 times in what feels like the 500 days that he has been out of town lately. really it has only been like 15 out of town days and several several several very late busy season nights (read: not getting home until 2am!) but it feels like it has lasted forever. we are SO happy busy and travel season are over...for now. 
^please look at how excited Phillip gets to facetime! he started waving before daddy even picked up. and was pretty bummed when daddy actually did not pick up this time ha.

Highlight: bath time. always.

highlight: jack jack sleeping in my bed every night that tom was out of town.

highlight: library story time. every week.
ps my barely-one-year-old climbed on a chair and "used" the computer all by himself.

highlight: jumping on mommy's bed.

highlight: lots of time at target. lots. i often drown my husband-traveling-never-home sorrows with some good old fashioned retail therapy. almost always at target.
ps you turn around for one second and surprise! phillip has climbed into the bottom of the cart.

highlight: getting our rain gutter bookshelves up!
this is just a sneak peek as there are actually two more bookshelves above this one.
we LOVE them. they are the best addition to our playroom!
i'll be showing you the full playroom reveal as soon as one more project is completed!
just waiting on our painter :)

highlight: sharing lollipops and exploring sportsman's warehouse.
note: jack had exactly a two second time limit on phillip's licks. i'm not even kidding you.
^i'm sorry but i really did narrow this down from like 50 pictures! but i could not (could not!) choose just one. i cannot get over their brotherly cuteness! you guys...siblings are THE BEST.

mommy's highlight: shopping at carter's (my second most frequented store after target. it's especially dangerous now that a girl is on the way!)
boys' highlight: playing at the carter's lego table. whoever came up with this idea was brilliant. i stay in the store & browse so much longer than i probably otherwise would because they boys are totally entertained and not running around/wreaking havoc/hiding in the clothing racks, etc. Carter's sure knows how to get a mom to spend lots of money.

PS am I the only one who finds it ridiculously hilarious that we were on a hunt for sunglasses for the 2-year-old?! His one pair broke in the diaper bag and he is always complaining about the sun in his eyes while we're in the car ha! I finally found these ones at gap and they just came in the mail yesterday. jack was thrilled and wore them all afternoon.
these ones at carter's were adorable too, though!

highlight: park time!
sometimes i feel bad because i have to be the most boring mom and i almost never take the boys to the park! it doesn't help that all the best ones are not within walking distance.

highlight: finally getting out for a run after 5+ months of zero runs.
plus! another stop at the park for my little jogging buddy.

highlight: jack's new obsession with the backseat of our [new to us!] van.
i've told him that when the new baby comes he gets to sit in the back (in a car seat, obviously!) and the new baby will sit in the front row. he is ridiculously overly excited about this and practices sitting in the back as often as possible before getting into his car seat ha. it's seriously so funny.

highlight: obvious baby bump!
not-so-highlight: obvious bigger thighs and bum and love handles.
oh my goodness. i have to make exercising a priority again!


  1. Okay so how was running, while pregnant, after not running for awhile? I think I need to try it but it's been about a year since I last got out... I love this photo dump, such cute boys you have!

    1. It wasn't bad! I didn't go far (like 1.25 miles) and I didn't try to go fast and I stopped halfway to let Phillip swing at the park so it was definitely a pretty laid back run and I actually enjoyed it! I would definitely try it, just don't push yourself too hard!

  2. marci, i love them sooo much. cutest pictures! especially with phillip at the computer!


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