Jack at two & a half.

Life with a 2.5 year old...

Mommy: Jack, what do you want for lunch?
Jack: I want toast with jam.
*brings me pancake mix and syrup* ummm.

Jack was lying in bed with me & tom and tom had fallen asleep and was snoring.
Jack: mommy, you hear that?
Mommy: Yeah.
Jack: Daddy's doing someping with his nose. *Sits up and looks at Tom* And with his mouth! It's like this *imitates the snoring*

hater of all haircuts.
i used to do it myself but it was becoming the biggest headache because it was so traumatic for him every time. i finally decided to just take him to a salon and so. much. better. he still has anxiety over it if i tell him ahead of time but once he's in the chair he's really good! he's mad and very serious the entire time (haha!) but never tears or any fits. luckily i've started cutting tom's hair so we just traded the cost of having tom get his hair cut to jack getting his hair cut ha!

10 minutes after putting Jack down for a nap...
Jack: Mommy! Mommy!
So I open the door and pop my head in. He's out of bed with books, socks, and pants (from the drawer) strewn everywhere.
Mommy: What are you doing?
Jack: Not sleeping.
Mommy: Clearly.

Laying in bed with Jack and we hear Phillip coughing in the room next door (he has croup).
Jack: You hear that?!
Mommy: Yeah, that's Phillip coughing.
Jack: No. The dog.
Mommy: No, it's Phillip coughing.
Jack: No. Not coughing. The dog too!
Haha he totally thought I just wasn't hearing what he was hearing. They call croup the barking cough for good reason!

lover of mr. bunny.
many tears are shed every time he has to "take a bath" aka his weekly (always much-needed!) washing machine date.

After getting the Costco receipt back from the Costco resident artist...
Mommy: Jack, did he draw a smiley face for you?!
Jack: No. It's sleeping.
Truth. The "smiley face" had two horizontal lines for eyes. Obviously a sleeping face and not a smiley face.

Mommy: Jack, are you ready to go to Costco?
Jack: What do you need?
Mommy: Butter...and jam...
Jack: And milk?
Mommy: Yes, actually we do need milk.
Jack: What else?
Mommy: That's all.
Jack: No, not all.
Mommy: Yeah, I think that's all we need.
Jack: Not all!
Mommy: What else do we need?
Jack: You get gas!
Bahaha we actually did not need gas but I like that he knows where we get it ha!

best, best, best big brother. seriously always ridiculously sweet to phillip and i can count on one hand the number of times he has ever gotten frustrated with him. and usually it sounds like this: "mommy! phillip's trying!" i don't even know what that means? trying to take his stuff? trying to bother him? hahah.

Jack: Let's talk to Daddy.
I hear the FaceTime ringing.
Mommy: Daddy probably can't answer, Jack. He's working.
Five seconds later...
Jack: He not answer. It's broken.

On the drive to the library...
Jack: Mom, I'm batman. And you're Batman. And Phillip is Batman.
Mommy: Okay.
Didn't talk about it the rest of the drive because I was on the phone with my sister. We park and I start unloading the boys and notice Phillip has fallen asleep.
Mommy: Dang it, Phillip fell asleep.
Jack: Yeah. Batman's sleeping.
*insert laughing tears emoticon*

lover of baby sister or "new baby." we still call Phillip "baby" so baby girl is most often referred to as "new baby" haha. he has gotten to feel baby girl kick and he thinks it's so funny! he always asks me if he can see her (4.5 more months, buddy!), he constantly wants to know what her name is going to be (don't ask me, we cannot pick! we like too many!), and he loves pointing out girl clothes at the store telling me it's for baby sister. it is so fun!

As soon as Jack hears the shower water turn off he comes sprinting into the bathroom.
Jack: Are you all done?
Mommy: Yes.
Jack: Oh. Okay. Play cars?
Mommy: Maybe after I get dressed and do my hair and makeup.
Jack: Let's play cars first. Let's play cars first. (incase I didn't understand what first meant the first time)
Mommy: Before I even get dressed?
Jack: Let's play cars first.
Sidenote: I got dressed first.

Immediately after we turned the lights off at bedtime...
Jack: Mine eyes is not working!!!

-can count to 20 by himself.
-can do a 16 piece (and a few 24 piece) jigsaw puzzle by himself.
-we still cannot seem to nail down colors! he knows black, gray, silver, orange, purple, and pink and sometimes blue but he still cannot figure out green, yellow, or red. i'm beginning to worry he is color blind haha. i'm kidding. colors are just not his forte.
-opposites though? he's got those down pat. he loves to play the "opposite game" in the car where I say a word and he tells me the opposite. he can tell you the opposite of so many words! a few he knows: near/far, up/down, left/right, hello/goodbye, over/under, inside/outside, push/pull, awake/asleep, clean/dirty, big/small, short/tall...and so many more. it's a good thing it's also one of my favorite games to play with him in the car because we play it a lot.
-just learned his full name: "Jack Ganille Wallace." His real middle name is Granville, after his Grandpa Wallace's middle name.

while driving by mine & tom's high school:
mommy: jack, look out your window. this is where mommy & daddy went to high school.
jack: oh. yeah. marci and tom!
haha i about died.

favorite foods: french toast with syrup, grapes, any candy/chocolate, french fries, hamburgers, panda bear nuggets (orange chicken from panda express haha!), and cookies.
favorite color: orange (he says "it's my color."
favorite songs: popcorn popping, itsy bitsy spider, give said the little stream and "the jack song" which is one of the many made-up songs I randomly sing and somehow became very popular around here haha!

biggest copycat. he loves to copy everything we say.

*Phillip coughs*
Jack: You okay, Phillip? He's okay, Mommy.
*Jack coughs*
Mommy: Are you okay, Jack?
Jack: (in an annoyed little tone) Yeah, Daddy already telled me that.
^haha, apparently a few minutes before jack had coughed and daddy had asked if he was okay. I guess you are only allowed to ask once a day.

Mommy: Phillip, where are your teething tablets, buddy?
Jack: (in a baby sing-song voice) Where are your teesi tasgets, buddy?

Jack: What are you doing, Mommy?
Mommy: I'm ironing.  What are you doing?
Jack: Nofing.
(the below picture was actually taken right after this conversation haha)

Jack: What are you doing, Mommy? (this question is repeated only 500 times a day)
Mommy: Driving you to the store.
Jack: What store?
Mommy: Costco.
Jack: What Costco?
Mommy: The one that's right here.
Jack: What one right here?
^I mean, really. Sometimes I have no further explanation. I'm not really sure what answer he is looking for ha!

after trying to tell jack for two hours to lay down and go to sleep (he was in our bed - mistake?):
mommy: jack, i'm serious now. lay down.
jack: mommy, i serious. lay down.
mommy: jack. no more talking.
jack: mommy. no more talking.
mommy: jack, mommy's done. please go to sleep.
jack: mommy, jack's done. please go to sleep.
hahaha i ended up busting up laughing because he was so serious and it was just so funny. it was past midnight and luckily a few minutes later he finally did fall asleep!

This age is seriously so much fun; I just can't get enough! I love all the fun, silly conversations we have. I love the endless curiosity (even though sometimes I want to pull my hair our with all the questions!). I love seeing the world through a toddler's eyes (you start to notice every little thing!). I love how often we laugh during the day. I love how much he loves to help with chores or do anything I'm doing. I love how forgiving and easygoing and good-natured he is. I even love the when Tom accidentally bumps into him and Jack falls over and starts crying hysterically telling me "daddy pushed me!" My opinion might change once I have three and I'm overwhelmed with the craziness of it all but right now I feel like I just can't get enough little ones! Bring on all the babies!


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  1. okay cutest post EVER. i love him sooo much!! that little face!!


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