Park Days

I've mentioned it before but I really am the worst mom about taking my kids to the park! The park that is really close to our house is next to an elementary school that has been shut down and so it's sort of a ghost town over there and so there are often bums or high school druggies hanging out around the park. They're normally not like right near the play equipment but still...not my favorite place to go.

And then there's another park that's about a half mile walk and it's across from an open elementary school so it's fine but it's pretty small and there are never any other kids there so it's also sort of boring.

That leaves us with the awesome parks that are in the newer neighborhoods and all a 10ish minute drive away. It's just not the most convenient thing ever and so we rarely go. My dream is to one day live right across the street from a really nice park ha!

So anyway. I obviously have to document the two days I took the boys to the park in the past few weeks.

Park experience #1: walked to the park nearest to our house and there indeed were some should-be-in-class high school students hanging out at a picnic table nearby but they didn't bother us so we stayed and played for about ten minutes. It was chilly out but the boys seriously loved the little bit of outdoor time!

"Look, Mom! An A!"


Park experience #2: While park experience #1 was fine, park experience #2 was much better. T got a week off in between crazy busy season and traveling for a couple weeks and oh my goodness...heaven! After my OB appointment one day we decided to stop at a park and let the boys play. Jack was so excited to get to go to the park with Daddy! And we went to one of the nice parks in the new neighborhoods so win-win. Plus this park has a skate ramp and Jack thinks it's the coolest thing to just run up and down it ha. And Phillip was pretty happy about Daddy sliding him down the ramps.

I really have to learn to keep a basketball in the car at all times. Anytime we go to a park with a basketball court Jack wants nothing to do with any of the play equipment or anything else besides basketball. 99% of the time I don't have a ball so we spend the entire time standing on the court looking at the hoops. I'm so serious haha. But Daddy is way cooler than Mommy and - who needs a basketball anyway?! They played with an invisible ball and I'm pretty sure Jack loved it just as much as the real thing. It was so cute to watch!

Pretty successful park day, I'd say! Too bad Daddy can't come to the park with us every day ;)


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  1. ok seriously!?? I'M DYING. the invisible ball thing. OMG just kill me now. cutest ever.


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