Errands with the littles.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Any "quick" errand now takes me 5x longer than it did before Phillip came along and 10x longer than it did before Jack came along. There really is no such thing as a quick errand, to be honest. Any mom out there knows that's true. You have to add at least an extra ten minutes for every stop in order to get kids in and out of the car and slooooowly make your way to and from the store with your little toddler taking itty bitty baby steps and stopping to look at everything.

But still. Even though it can be so time consuming (which sometimes equals so frustrating) I love running errands with the boys so much more than by myself. They are the best company and I swear I laugh the whole way through my errands. Plus, really, who's complaining about spending an extra 30 minutes in Target? Not I. Just looking through the pictures of these cute little faces running errands with me wants me to dash out and run some more.

Littles are the best. I feel like life must have been so boring before them! They make everything 10x more fun and exciting...and adventurous.


The things we've been up to lately.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

FIRST THINGS FIRST. Did anybody yet notice our REBRANDING?! I'm so excited to tell you that our blog has been rebranded from If These Walls Could Speak to The Wallace House. 

Our old blog name was just too long and because I wanted to move to a custom domain (no more!) I wanted something simple and easy to remember. From now on you can find our blog at If you forget and type in our old URL, don't worry! You will still find us because blogger will politely redirect you :)

OKAY on to my real post...

I know my update posts are always so random and all over the place with zero flow but I actually love updates on other blogs I follow because I feel like they give me a little peek into real, everyday life. And so I'm going to keep on trekking with my irregular, all over the place, random update posts.  Here is what life has looked like at the Wallace house lately!

*Phillip trying on headbands for me because I am hosting a headband-making party in a few weeks and was making samples and needed to test out the sizing. It's what you get for having the smallest head in the family. Sorry little buddy (although obviously not that sorry or I wouldn't be posting these pictures for the world to see...) At first he hated it...

But then I think he maybe got used to it?

*A little bit of mischief.

*A lot of toddler dance parties in our playroom.

*Self-feeding adventures.

*A birthday breakfast to celebrate my lovely grandma!

...complete with smiley face pancakes!

*Learning time play-date with BFF Emma.

*IHOP pancakes on national pancake day.

*and lots of lovin'!


Kansas Part 2: The Zoo

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On our first day in Kansas we took a day trip to the zoo. I was so beyond excited because Phillip has never been to the zoo and Jack last went when he was around a year old so he definitely doesn't remember it and didn't appreciate it. I knew Jack was just going to love seeing all the animals and I was so excited for him! We were not disappointed.

The tiger came right up to the window. Jack thought it was cool at first.

Until the tiger got too close. And then Jack was scared out of his wits that the tiger was going to come through the glass and get him. Haha!

How cute are these cousins?! PS you will notice a trend in my Kansas posts of Phillip escaping from every single cousin picture.

They had the cutest little ranger cabin where the kids loved "playing" on the fake computer and talking into the radio.

I just realized I only got pictures of the tiger but we also saw elephants (who pooped which Jack thought was hilarious and kept reenacting for us), apes (plus a baby ape!), giraffes, cougars, sea otters, a hippo and more! Most of the animals were pretty active since it was perfect weather until we hit the middle of the day and they all decided to take naps. Overall it was a great "first" zoo trip and I can't wait to take the boys to the zoo again sometime!

And these are not at all zoo related but they're also not related to any other blog posts I'm planning so...

Having a blast in Kansas and excited to share more of our adventures with you!


We're so glad when Daddy comes home...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Every day we look forward to Daddy coming home from work. It's easily the highlight of our day. But those minutes (and hours!) leading up to Daddy's car (finally!) pulling into the driveway can some days really drag by. You know those days. Kids are bored and cranky and tired and you're bored and cranky and tired and every minute feels like an hour. It's on those days that I drop everything else that isn't getting done anyway (imagine me trying to iron laundry while one child is begging to be held while pulling on the iron cord and the other one is running circles around the ironing board) and take the boys out front to wait for Daddy. Everyone is so. much. happier. outside in the fresh air (with a ball in their hands and one at their feet haha)!

And eventually (what seems like 5 million hours later!) Daddy finally does come home and our entire day is made. We are that easy to please.



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