Errands with the littles.

Any "quick" errand now takes me 5x longer than it did before Phillip came along and 10x longer than it did before Jack came along. There really is no such thing as a quick errand, to be honest. Any mom out there knows that's true. You have to add at least an extra ten minutes for every stop in order to get kids in and out of the car and slooooowly make your way to and from the store with your little toddler taking itty bitty baby steps and stopping to look at everything.

But still. Even though it can be so time consuming (which sometimes equals so frustrating) I love running errands with the boys so much more than by myself. They are the best company and I swear I laugh the whole way through my errands. Plus, really, who's complaining about spending an extra 30 minutes in Target? Not I. Just looking through the pictures of these cute little faces running errands with me wants me to dash out and run some more.

Littles are the best. I feel like life must have been so boring before them! They make everything 10x more fun and exciting...and adventurous.


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