If you follow me over on insta then you saw that I featured these four lovely ladies a couple weeks ago in a #followfriday post:

[clockwise, starting at top left: Jade, Jessica, Alexa, Grace]

These mama's are some of my very favorite insta follows! They are all so adorable and have just about the cutest kids to ever roam the earth. Plus! Jessica, Alexa & Grace are all expecting and are all due within weeks (and days!) of my due date which is so much fun. And lucky you, blog readers! because they all blog! and their blogs are equally as adorable as their instas. Go take a peek at their pages and follow along especially if you are expecting and love following along with other pregnant mama's OR if you are newly post-partum and want some dang good inspiration from Jade who delivered Andi just a few months and ago and is just about the cutest and stylish mama there ever was!

Find Jade over at A Spoonful of Style. Drool over Andi's adorable month-by-month photos (with fresh flowers!) and Jade's darling outfits!

Jessica blogs at Little Baby Garvin. Please tell me how stinkin' cute Harper & Eloise are! I die every time I see a picture of either of those two! PS Jessica is expecting a girl just two days after me (she's due on the 4th of July - isn't that such a fun due date?!)!

You can follow Alexa at He & I Blog. Her little Ellie is such a doll and if I was writing this post two days ago I would have told you that Ellie is getting a sweet little brother in July but it turns out...the ultrasound tech tricked them the first time around and they just found out that Ellie is actually getting a SISTER. I'm so serious, go read about it!

You will absolutely want to follow Grace over at Camp Patton for your daily dose of humor. She is about the funniest human I ever *knew* and also her four littles (number 5 surprise-gender on the way! - can you say super mom?) are the sweetest little wild things I've ever read about. PS Grace's oldest little is FOUR. Yes, and number 5 is on the way! She is my hero! That sounds like such a dream to me!

AND make sure to follow me over on instagram (@marciwallace) because next friday I'll be sharing four more super sweet & adorable mama's that i absolutely love following!

PS does anybody else have like 50 insta-friends who you are pretty sure are your long-lost best friends...and yet they don't even know you exist? *insert cry-laughing emoticon* I wish I could meet all my insta-"friends" in real life one day but since that will probably not happen anytime soon (read: ever) I will just go ahead and continue insta & blog stalking them and pretending we are real-life friends. I say that in the most non-creepy way possible, promise!


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