Jack Says

While I'm looking at the tutorial for the quilt I'm making:
Jack: What's that, Mommy?
Me: It's like the quilt I'm making for baby.
Jack: I not like it.
Me: You don't like it? I like it. I think it's cute.
Jack: Not. I not like it and Phillip not like it. And Daddy not like it too.
Awesome. I'm wasting hours of my time on a quilt that nobody is going to like!

While Jack & Phillip are playing under the table which Jack declared was their "house."
Jack: Phillip, where you go?
Jack: You go at home or at work?
Jack: Huh?
Jack: Nothing?
Jack: Hmm. Okay.

Jack: Mom? What's your baby's name?
Mommy: We don't have a name for her yet.
Jack: Ummm Hallie? Maybe Hallie?"
Kid is sold on naming her Hallie haha. Problem is Tom & I cannot agree on spelling for this name!

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