Phillip: ONE plus some.

I almost just started a post about Phillip at one year and then realized I already did that. So you'll be spared a second "Phillip at one" post. Sort of. Still bombarding you with pictures of his one-year check-up and other cute things. And maybe a few new updates.

I really just can't get enough of this little lover boy. He is the sweetest thing and overall a really good & easy going baby! Not like Jack because I don't think any baby is as easy-going as Jack was (ha!) but really he's pretty easy and definitely 99% of the time happy! He is a definite cuddler and I don't think I've ever met a baby who loves kisses as much as this one. Nothing makes him happier than five thousand kisses in a row. And then if you stop he'll lean in for more.

Baby just learned how to say "night-night" but that's about the only word he uses other than mama and dada.

Suddenly a HUGE Daddy's boy. I think it might have to do with how often Tom has been gone with busy season & traveling. He cries when Daddy leaves for work (or leaves the room) and is SO excited to see him as soon as he walks in the door.

He's such a good little sleeper...or was until two days ago. Hoping it's just teething or a small phase! But pretending like it's two days ago...I just lay him down for naps and bed and he rolls right over and falls asleep within seconds. We don't even have a nap or bedtime routine which sometimes I feel bad about but he doesn't seem to mind!

Lover of all animals especially dogs. Anytime he sees one he tries his hardest to break away from me so he can go love on it. Time for a puppy?! ;)

I just can't even believe this little baby is only going to be the baby for four more months! Big brother status coming up faster than I can even handle it eek!


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  1. marci he is sooooo cute!!!! like I can't even stand it! also, the kiss thing?? i need to kiss him!!


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