Pregnancy Update: Week 22

 This pregnancy is flying by. My pregnancy with Jack seemed to pass so slowly! I felt like it took forever for each new pregnancy week to begin. It felt like it took decades for delivery day to arrive.

And then nine months later I was pregnant for the second time and I felt like the days & weeks went by so much faster than with my first pregnancy. I was 15 weeks before I could blink and then suddenly I was 38 weeks and then my water broke the day before my due date and holy cow it came so fast!

Fast forward 9 months from that delivery day and I'm expecting again and this time it's REALLY flying. So fast that half the time I don't even know how many weeks I am! I kid you not, I have to check my What To Expect When You're Expecting app to know how far along I am haha! Sometimes people ask me how many weeks I am and I'm like "uhhh..."

And so I can't believe that I'm...22.5 weeks?...and I've done maybe one pregnancy update. Poor baby girl. That being said, I can't say there has been anything significant to really record! As with my last two pregnancies, this one has been seriously easy (at least so far!). I barely even feel pregnant but I'm sure the aches & pains are coming as they always do eventually! I'm still completely comfortable bending over, painting my toenails, tying my shoes, etc. I'm only reminded of the fact that I'm pregnant when I pass a mirror and see that great big belly or feel her squirming around in there.

^this is around 20 weeks.

I think I'll just google one of those pregnancy surveys and do a quick update that way. So overdone? I know. But so easy. Here we go.

How far along: 22 weeks. I checked :)
Gender: Girl!
Total weight gain/loss: No idea! I kept track pretty closely with both boys (very closely with Phillip as I gained over 40 pounds with Jack and did not want to do that again!) but this time I rarely even step on the scale and I honestly don't even know what weight I was to begin with! I'll check on my weight gain at my next doctor's appointment. They're a lot better about keeping track of stuff like that :) If I had a guess I think I'd say I've probably gained around 12 pounds?
Exercise: AHHH. Do not remind me how awful I have been at exercising! I promise myself every morning that I'm going to be better (because, love handles!!) and then the next morning I decide I'd rather sleep haha! 
Stretch marks: I actually was noticing last night that the stretch marks on my belly are becoming more noticeable. I didn't get any stretch marks on my belly until I was 38 weeks pregnant with Jack and developed PUPPP. I didn't get any new ones with Phillip and they faded to pretty much nothing in between each pregnancy. But I am noticing them again now that my tummy is stretching! Still no new ones.
Swelling: None yet. I was lucky with Phillip and didn't swell at all (winter pregnancies for the win!) but considering I'm due early July I'm willing to bet I'll swell up pretty good late pregnancy. Something to look forward to ;)
Maternity clothes: Almost always maternity bottoms (although I can uncomfortably still wear my non-maternity jeans) and mostly wearing maternity tops although I occasionally layer a non maternity top with a long tank underneath.
Belly button: Halfsies.
Sleep: No lack of sleep due to this baby but Phillip has been waking up several times a night (what the heck?!) and Jack wakes up pretty much religiously every night to come sleep in our bed so I can't say my sleep is the best ever ha.
Food cravings: Sweets, desserts, chocolate. Oh, is that all the same thing?
Symptoms: Really almost none! I had some restless leg syndrome going on for a few days but it has gone away since (I'm sure it'll be coming back full force later in pregnancy as it did with both boys). Obviously I have to pee a lot. No nausea this pregnancy as with my other two (no idea how I got so lucky!).
Movement: I finally started feeling this little girl SO much later than my boys! Definite movement by 18 weeks but few & far between and the teeniest tiniest of movements. Finally by 20 weeks I was feeling her quite regularly and her little kicks were getting stronger. I think T was able to feel her a little past 20 weeks. Jack now feels her little kicks on a regular basis and loves it haha! It is so fun! And PS even though this is baby #3 I'm telling you it is not even one ounce less exciting than it was with baby #1. I get so excited every time I feel a little kick or roll! Never gets old.
Labor signs: Luckily none considering I'm barely halfway!
What I miss: Regular clothes (already!) and I'm sad that I won't be able to go tanning this summer even though I haven't even gone in several years.
What I'm loving: baby movement, shopping for a girl, thinking about names (it's a love/hate relationship), planning a small nursery revamp to make it a little more pink & girly!
What I'm looking forward to: Choosing a name! More on that later.
Best moment this week: T getting to feel her move several times in a row.

^around 21 weeks^

So the name game. EEK. I thought naming a girl was going to be so. much. easier. than naming the boys! With the boys we could barely agree on any names. We agree on so many more girl names so I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. Turns out. It's a lot easier when you can only agree on just one name. You have no other options! We were pretty set on Jack's name by 22ish weeks even though I wasn't fully committing until his actual arrival. A few days after finding out Phillip was a boy I was convinced I wanted to name him Phillip. Took until week 38 or 39 for Tom to finally say out loud that YES we would name him that ha! But I was already calling him Phillip in my head so it felt pretty final. This time? We have a small list of about four names that we both really love. And I cannot choose! They are all adorable and I just can't seem to pick a favorite. I feel like each week I have a new order of which name I like best to which I like the least. I'm actually feeling frustrated because I sort of just want a name already! I have a feeling she may not be officially named until we deliver and try them out on her ha! But please! Send me your girl name suggestions because we are not at all completely set on naming her one from our current list. I'm so open to other options! We're hoping for something not totally out of the ordinary but also not on the top 10 list. Or even the top 40 if that can be avoided :) But I do have to tell you that one of our current favorites is rated #11 so there's that ha.

OKAY well this was a lot longer than intended. Hooray for baby girls and being more than halfway done!


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  1. I feel like I have been pregnant forever and that 8 more weeks to go is still so long! So here's to hoping that my future pregnancies go faster than this one like they are for you! I'm glad it's flying for you! So I have only gained about 15 pounds and I'm 32 weeks already! Crazy, right? I'll take it! But you look great! Excited that our babies will be so close in age!


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