The case of the blue marker.

A couple weeks ago we had our first ever experience with marker on the walls. Except it wasn't just on the walls. Jack wanted his first (and last?) "writing on the walls" adventure to be remembered. And so he went ALL out.

I was at my kitchen table meeting with a closet organization system specialist (for the nursery!) and the boys were in the playroom. I was thinking how well they were playing together - we could hear them just giggling and talking and giggling and more giggling. And then Phillip comes walking in with marker all. over. his. face. I have to say that this is not a first. Phillip has written on himself with marker more than once. 

But then Jack came in and he was also covered in marker. COVERED. Face. Pants. Hands.

I excused myself to find the blue marker culprit so I could take it away. And that's when I saw what a disaster they had made of the playroom. Marker everywhere.

Jack came in and was so proud of his art. He told me "I colored on the wall and on the window and on the basketball hoop and on the race track..." The list went on and on. We had a little talk about coloring only on paper and then after my closet specialist left I made Jack clean it all up.

Luckily, the markers they have access to (or rather, used to have access to!) are the extra washable Crayola markers and they came off everything so easily with just wet wipes. I'm not really sure that having Jack clean up. I have to say I'm not totally convinced that having Jack clean it up himself was the best idea ever considering he thought it was so. much. fun. I'm worried he might color on everything again just to get to clean it all up again. He'd find a spot he missed and say "oh! there's more!" in such an excited little voice and run to get a wipe to clean it up. Haha!

These little boys were literally covered in blue! The pictures don't do it justice. Not even close.

We scrub scrub scrubbed in the tub but it took a few days for all that extra washable marker to come off their faces haha!

The markers are no longer in their reach and hopefully we don't have a repeat of this any day soon ;)


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