We're so glad when Daddy comes home...

Every day we look forward to Daddy coming home from work. It's easily the highlight of our day. But those minutes (and hours!) leading up to Daddy's car (finally!) pulling into the driveway can some days really drag by. You know those days. Kids are bored and cranky and tired and you're bored and cranky and tired and every minute feels like an hour. It's on those days that I drop everything else that isn't getting done anyway (imagine me trying to iron laundry while one child is begging to be held while pulling on the iron cord and the other one is running circles around the ironing board) and take the boys out front to wait for Daddy. Everyone is so. much. happier. outside in the fresh air (with a ball in their hands and one at their feet haha)!

And eventually (what seems like 5 million hours later!) Daddy finally does come home and our entire day is made. We are that easy to please.


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  1. Oh my goodness. I completely know how you feel. I think the hours of 4-6 pm are the hardest of the day. I try to save the "big guns" until then (playdough, bowl of soapy water in the sink, pretty much anything that makes a big mess) or go to the park and have sandwiches for dinner.


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