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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life around here lately? Mundane. #joke
Life is never mundane with two little ones running around! I love [almost] every minute of it! The boys give me more than my necessary daily dose of laughter and they definitely keep me on my toes!

I think (I *think!*) I am finally back to a regular blogging schedule. Seems like we had one crazy thing after another. An extra unexpected busy "season" for Daddy at work (which included some travel ugh!), an unexpected wave of third trimester exhaustion, and then two sad, feverish little boys for almost a full week.

^I realize that is the same boy (ha!) but I didn't take any pictures of sick little Jack. He wasn't as bad as poor little Phillip! Luckily, both boys are better and that wave of exhaustion has weaned a bit. Daddy is still busy busy busy but that is also soon coming to a close. So between now and baby's arrival (when more craziness is sure to ensue!) I promise to try to be more regular here!


Home Depot car carts for the win! Twenty minutes in Home Depot in a car cart and their whole day is made.

Upon attempting to exit the bathroom...

Jack: Stop! Not come out. This is the train tracks. There's a train coming. You'll get squished! Red light, mom!

I sat there for at least seven minutes waiting for that dang train to pass down the hallway. My brother & sister both pointed out that I should have counted the cars but I did not. #fail
If I had to guess, I'd say it had at least 100 cars and was moving so very slowly!

Have I ever introduced you to this cute pup? He actually just turned 12 years old a couple weeks ago so he's certainly not really a pup. But he's the sweetest (most disobedient) thing you will ever meet. Oh, and his name is Strider.

Trips to Target make them happy. 

I think Jack likes Target as much as I do which is a lot. During what was supposed to be nap time the other afternoon I could hear Jack playing in his room. When I let him out an hour later the room had been torn apart but I had to laugh when he told me he had been shopping at Target. Apparently he didn't have a cart to put all his purchases in which is why everything ended up all over the floor? You can't be mad at this cute face anyway.

Bath time + bath crayons = two very happy boys. And a little Phillip who acts like we starve him and stuffs those crayons down his throat as fast as he can.

Since we're in a drought over here Jack is pretty unfamiliar with rain. We recently bought him a Dusty (from Planes!) umbrella while in Kansas because all his cousins had umbrellas and he really wanted one too! He's been so anxious to use it and finally rain was predicted one day so I told him he could use it then. Turns out when we actually left the house it wasn't raining anymore but he had been so looking forward to using that umbrella that I let him anyway haha. One happy camper.

When your two year old has a hysterical emotional break down because you are going to the store at 9pm without him and leaving him home with daddy (kid loves to go to the store!) you take selfies (photo + video) while you are out and send them to him...I'll spare you the videos ;)

Our little rain gutter library that we put up is one of the best DIY projects we've (ahem, I've) ever done. The boys LOVE choosing books and sitting on the poufs to read. It's the sweetest.

Too cool for school.

What happens when your brother won't let you wear his baseball hat:

Now that we are expecting a girl people have been warning me about girl drama. But lemme tell you something: boys can be dramatic, too.

Okay. Ready for one of the saddest things to ever happen to me? I opened my iPhone notes one day to update my shopping list and...

WHAT!!! Is anyone else like me and their whole life is in their iPhone notes? My jaw dropped and my heart about shattered into a million pieces. The night before this I had emptied my gmail inbox (which I've never before done!) and apparently iPhone notes is linked to your gmail account? So deleting all my emails deleted all my notes in my phone! HOLY oh my goodness I was so freaked out. Seriously, all my lists (and I'm a serious list-maker...I have a LOT!) and so many important notes were just GONE. AHH! Luckily I hadn't emptied my gmail trash and so I had to sort through 3,000+ emails to retrieve all my notes eek! I did get most of them back (I think!) but I will never ever make the mistake of emptying my mail ever again aye!

And on that happy note...until next time friends!


The time I pretended to be a professional photographer

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

There was this one time that my brother needed senior portraits taken and with zero photography experience I attempted the task ha!

They are not professional by any means but I think they turned out okay and plus we had lots of fun. And they were free. So win-win-win? Yes-yes-yes.

And you can't have a photo shoot (or do anything) with Chris without having something like this happen... (haha!)

Now who wants to hire me for their senior portraits? KIDDING.

PS Is my little brother a stud or what?
PPS I cannot believe the baby is graduating high school in just one month and my parents will be EMPTY NESTERS.

until next time!

Aunt Kelli in California!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aunt Kelli came to play with us in California during her spring break! We were SO excited to see her! It's always a party when Aunt Kelli is here! Seriously Kelli & I were like best, best friends in high school and again when she came to live in Utah for college and it's so sad to be separated by Nevada! I feel that way about all my sisters - COME BACK YOU GUYS!

So anyway we were really so excited for Kelli's visit! Our first stop? Target! Hahaha! I think we both have an unhealthy obsession with Target along with 99.9% of the female population.

Notice: child labor. Kelli claims they made a deal. She'd hold him if he held her bag.

Kelli went inside Jamba and picked us up a drink while the boys and I waited in the car. We were treated to her professional dance moves through the window while we waited.

Unfortunately, my boys didn't have any fun with Aunt Kelli. None at all.

Even Uncle Taylor came to town a few days later! If Jack was potty trained I think he would have peed his pants out of excitement. He talked about Uncle Taylor coming for days. (By the way - as it was, he peed his pants out of necessity.)

Somehow every time I'm with Kelli she's a baby whisperer. Phillip never stays asleep like this when transferring from car >> restaurant. Unless Aunt Kelli is holding him ha.

Flashback to the last time she was a baby whisperer:

(that's jack up there^)

My mom and brother are really into geocaching (thanks to my little sister who is on a mission and got into it through someone she and her companion were teaching). Kelli & I had never gone but my mom really loves it so we decided to see what it was all about one morning. Jack was pretty excited about going on a "treasure hunt." We successfully found several geocaches and had so much fun! And I think had the littlest geocachers geocaching has ever seen?

My little brother hid one geocache and it was the best one we found! I got to do the honors of retrieving the cache and Kelli & Jack Jack put it back. It was such a fun one! If you are ever just hanging out in Rancho Cordova you have to go find it ;)

Jack was basically on cloud nine treasure hunting with Uncle Taylor & Aunt Kelli.

And when Jack & Phillip got bored hunting for the treasure they just hunted for treasures of their own. Rocks count as treasure, right?

Oh and Jack's new favorite game? "Mommy, catch my shadow!"

Dear Kelli, thanks for gracing us with your presence for a few days! But PS your trip was way too short and next time please stay longer!



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