Aunt Kelli in California!

Aunt Kelli came to play with us in California during her spring break! We were SO excited to see her! It's always a party when Aunt Kelli is here! Seriously Kelli & I were like best, best friends in high school and again when she came to live in Utah for college and it's so sad to be separated by Nevada! I feel that way about all my sisters - COME BACK YOU GUYS!

So anyway we were really so excited for Kelli's visit! Our first stop? Target! Hahaha! I think we both have an unhealthy obsession with Target along with 99.9% of the female population.

Notice: child labor. Kelli claims they made a deal. She'd hold him if he held her bag.

Kelli went inside Jamba and picked us up a drink while the boys and I waited in the car. We were treated to her professional dance moves through the window while we waited.

Unfortunately, my boys didn't have any fun with Aunt Kelli. None at all.

Even Uncle Taylor came to town a few days later! If Jack was potty trained I think he would have peed his pants out of excitement. He talked about Uncle Taylor coming for days. (By the way - as it was, he peed his pants out of necessity.)

Somehow every time I'm with Kelli she's a baby whisperer. Phillip never stays asleep like this when transferring from car >> restaurant. Unless Aunt Kelli is holding him ha.

Flashback to the last time she was a baby whisperer:

(that's jack up there^)

My mom and brother are really into geocaching (thanks to my little sister who is on a mission and got into it through someone she and her companion were teaching). Kelli & I had never gone but my mom really loves it so we decided to see what it was all about one morning. Jack was pretty excited about going on a "treasure hunt." We successfully found several geocaches and had so much fun! And I think had the littlest geocachers geocaching has ever seen?

My little brother hid one geocache and it was the best one we found! I got to do the honors of retrieving the cache and Kelli & Jack Jack put it back. It was such a fun one! If you are ever just hanging out in Rancho Cordova you have to go find it ;)

Jack was basically on cloud nine treasure hunting with Uncle Taylor & Aunt Kelli.

And when Jack & Phillip got bored hunting for the treasure they just hunted for treasures of their own. Rocks count as treasure, right?

Oh and Jack's new favorite game? "Mommy, catch my shadow!"

Dear Kelli, thanks for gracing us with your presence for a few days! But PS your trip was way too short and next time please stay longer!


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  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!! and this post made me laugh out loud when you talked about jack peeing his pants and also them picking up rocks. oh and the littlest geocachers hahahahah. man I miss you! and I'm stealing some of these pictures!


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