Disney's PhotoPass - DO IT!

Remember once upon a time when we went to Disneyland? Yeah, like 6 months ago...

Anyways. My sister-in-law had told us about Disney's PhotoPass and I knew right away I wanted to utilize this amazing program (not sponsored!). Basically you get a photo card (or two or three or eight - one for each person in the family and then some in case you leave one at the hotel ha!) and give it to the Disney photographers throughout the park. They'll take your photos with characters, in front of the castle, etc. At the end of your trip take all your photo cards to the photo center and you can get every. single. picture. on a DVD for just $80! Seriously...SO WORTH IT. The photographers are totally willing to take pictures with your personal camera if you want but it's nice to not have to worry about dragging around your big camera or filling up your phone's memory with a thousand pictures. We shared photo cards with my parents/siblings who came with us and put all the pictures on one card. We ended up with just under 130 photos in three days! I promise I'm not posting all 130...

^how cute are my parents?!^

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