Phillip: 15 months!

I feel so sad that I'm so behind on my blogging because here I am (when Phillip is 2+) just now blogging about Phillip's 15mo check-up! I don't remember the little details about him at 15mo now that I would have known had I written this on time which makes me so sad to not have it recorded! Lesson learned to do better! At least there are pictures! :)

My instagram post of him at 15 months said: Still barely hanging on the charts in the 5th percentile for weight (20lb) and staying steady in the 50th percentile for height (31"). At 15 months, he runs everywhere, loves playing baseball, says "ball," "more," "mama," and "dada" and is very mischievous, climbs on everything, is a big daddy's boy and worships Jack. 

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