The rest of Kansas

The last Kansas post! And then I'm determined to be back to regular blogging! Says the lady who's about to deliver baby #3 in less than 10 weeks. This is what lofty goals are made of.

On our last day in Kansas my little niece was back to school after spring break so we had just the boys! We took them on a little walk and in true boy style they ran the whole way, climbed on anything climbable, threw rocks, dug in the dirt, etc etc. 

How darling are they?! This picture might be my favorite of all time >>>

The whole two weeks (!!) my sister & I kept talking about how we really needed to make sure we got some pictures together. And then all of a sudden it was the last night and we had exactly zero pictures. We ended up taking ugly face pictures to send to our little sister and that's basically all the pictures we have together. Are you ready for this?

Kelli made us redeem ourselves with one normal picture and so...

But PS can I just tell you that ugly face pictures might just be one of my favorite things to do ever? We about died laughing making ourselves as ugly as possible.

And then! Time to fly home. We had a ridiculously early flight (6am!) and the airport is an hour from my sister's so we left at 4am eek! We chose the early flight because it was the only option that we didn't have to change planes. The boys were real troopers though and were SO good on both flights home. They both slept the majority of the first flight and Phillip also slept at least half of the second flight. Seriously, I got lucky with good little travelers!

Look at our amazing view at sunrise!

The second we walked in our front door Jack practically flew to the playroom. He bawled like a baby when I took him away from it after just five minutes to meet my dad for lunch. Ha! Needless to say we basically lived in the playroom the next few days. As much fun as they had, these two little boys were so happy to be home!

And also. Jet lag is real. Our sleep schedules were way off for several days. Many very early mornings and long daytime naps.

Now someone help me figure out a plan on how to get my sisters to move back home to Sacramento so we can play for more than just two weeks. Ready go!


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