We celebrated Easter!

You may not believe it since I never posted about it but we really did celebrate Easter! The boys got to do like three egg hunts. It was so fun this year because Jack actually understood hunting for eggs! Phillip was always happy just finding one and then opening it and eating the candy ha.

We did one egg hunt with friends at the park and Jack was running so fast that the eggs flew out of his basket just as fast as he was putting them in haha! He was only supposed to collect 10 eggs and I kept having to have him come back for me to count because I couldn't keep track of how many he had put in vs how many had fallen out ha!

"Mooooom Phillip's taking my eggs!"

"Those are my eggs, Phillip!"

And then he took a few of Phillip's eggs too just for good measure.

On Sunday in between sessions of LDS General Conference we did a little egg hunt for Jack in my parents' backyard. This one was fun because he could really hunt for the eggs that Daddy hid since there were no other kids to grab them all up.

^^Daddy tried to make Jack reach this one by himself. He jumped as high as he could several times but no luck haha

We spent the rest of Easter Sunday enjoying general conference and spending time with family. I'm still in the process of trying to determine some traditions we should have to make sure our littles understand the real meaning of Easter. While I love all the secular traditions like Easter egg hunts and dying eggs and candy galore I want them to remember their Savior's resurrection during this time as well! What kinds of traditions does your family have to keep the spirit of Easter among all the fun stuff?


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