34 Weeks!

Does 34 weeks seem like a huge milestone to anyone else? It's definitely one of my favorite milestones of pregnancy. 6 weeks to delivery (or due date ha!) seems so manageable and so much less than 7 weeks for some reason? Plus by 34 weeks baby is doing really great development-wise so I don't worry much anymore about pre-term labor. Not that I've ever come close to pre-term labor but still you worry. Or at least I do.

Anyway. We're at 34+ weeks and are counting down.

A little update, shall we?

Total weight gain: 29 pounds AHHH. I gained 28 total with Phillip so considering the fact that I have 6 weeks to go I'm slightly freaking out. However, I gained 43 with Jack so I'm still pretty confident I won't get near that. Thinking a pound a week until delivery which will put me at 35 pounds. More than I was hoping but still in the normal range.

Maternity clothes: Am I the only person who does NOT love maternity jeans? I swear I read about all these pregnant women who wear maternity jeans for the first time and then are like "where have maternity jeans been my whole life!? I want to wear these forever!" and I'm over here like "GAHH get me back in normal jeans that STAY ON."

Seriously. Half the maternity jeans I own have the worst belly bands that are constantly coming down which means I'm always adjusting my band and having to pull my pants up. SO annoying. I do actually love anything from Motherhood Maternity or Pea in the Pod that has the Secret Fit Belly because they actually stay on but still, overall, I miss regular jeans that zip and button. I always love the day I can fit back into my beloved American Eagle jeans.

Now living in maternity dresses? I can get on board with that real fast. I'm basically living in the tee-shirt dresses from Target and I'm definitely considering wearing them long after I deliver as I'm pretty sure I can easily nurse in them since they are pretty stretchy and easy to pull down from the top. My only complaint with this dress is that it doesn't come in more colors! I need like 15 options since I wear them basically every day.

Sleep: Hit & miss. Getting up 2-4 times a night to use the restroom but mostly my sleep is interrupted by lower back pain (mostly I just always need to pop it!) and sometimes restless leg syndrome although that's usually worst as I'm falling asleep and doesn't bother me once I'm actually out.

Best moment of this week: Rearranging furniture in baby's nursery with the help of a friend to make room for a new rocker (eek!!). Loving the new arrangement every time I walk in. Plus it's starting to turn very pink & girly (poor Phillip who still lives in there haha!) and it's all so exciting!

Miss anything: We already talked about my American Eagle jeans so...what else can we add to the list? Bending over easily. Being able to breathe deeply. Sleep. Having room on my lap for my littles. Being able to hug my husband without a giant bump in the way...even though we love what's inside that huge bump haha!

Movement: starting to notice her movement slow down some as she doesn't have as much room. I mean, she still moves a lot but I can tell she doesn't have as much space in there.

Exercise: I've been in a pretty good routine lately and I'm happy to report that I've been consistent and feeling great! Six days a week I spend 20 minutes on the exercise bike (or until I burn 200 calories, whichever comes second) and then I complete my daily assignment for all the challenges I'm currently doing on iPhone apps: squats, tricep dips, and calf raises. I really want to start a pull-up challenge too but considering I can't do even one pull-up I'm thinking that's not going to happen anytime soon haha!

Food cravings: Ice, ice and more ICE. I always want ice! The worst part of this craving is that our ice machine doesn't work so I can't get crushed ice straight from the freezer! I really need to go buy some bagged crushed ice to store so I can stop hand crushing my ice with a hammer. I'm so serious, I do that. Also still craving root beer floats on and off.

Labor signs: None. Frequent, frequent Braxton Hicks (like I swear I get them 100x more than I did with either of the boys, front AND back!) but nothing that feels like real labor. Pretty sure I'll make it clear to my due date before there are any labor signs.

Wedding rings on or off: Still on and hoping I can keep it that way even through the (coming any day now!) hot summer weeks.

Looking forward to: Baby shower on Saturday! So excited for all things pink and girly!

Other updates...

-Still not even close to picking a name for baby. I just wrote out a whole long essay about this and then thought...maybe it should be its own post. So look for that in the next few days!

-Really trying to have some self-control when it comes to buying clothes for baby girl but dang can I shop! I have a serious addiction and probably need an intervention. Except I don't want one. on?

-I'm in serious nesting mode. Feeling like there is so much to be done before baby girl comes and I'm easily overwhelmed by it all. I've been working on just tackling one thing at a time but it seems like I just keep adding to the list. Why do I feel like everything needs to be deep cleaned?! AHH.

-My exhausted pregnant self is SO AMAZINGLY HAPPY because after many, many long hours and what has seemed like endless travel, T is finally home with no scheduled travel for several months (hallelujah!) and normal work hours for the few weeks before baby arrives (with the exception of one end-of-quarter a few days before she is due ha!). It has been so exhausting lately playing single mom (many praises to any of you who do it full-time!) while trying to keep up with two active toddlers while being in my second & third trimesters. So holy oh my goodness are we ever excited to have Daddy back! Plus we kind of like him so it's nice to see his face every once in awhile ;)

Thanks for sticking it through to the end. I definitely rambled more than I planned...



  1. YOU ARE SOOO CUTE!!!!! i never thought about not being able to really hug taylor when I am super pregnant. weird thought...ha!

    1. Haha yeah well it's the truth! You can try it out now just to see what it'll be like by putting a huge basketball between the two of you. hahha kidding!


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