A day at Fairytale Town with our BFFs.

I've blogged before about Fairytale Town but in case you don't remember, it's basically a glorified park...which you pay to get into. Luckily, it's pretty inexpensive especially when you score a BOGO coupon! And little kids seriously love it here so it's worth the few bucks every so often. I used to come here as a kid myself all the time so it's so fun seeing my own littles experiencing it now!

Anyway we've been lucky lately to get to spend lots of time with our BFFs. Emily is basically the best (insert so many tears that she is moving this summer!!) and Jack & Emma are pretty much inseparable. Add in that Phillip has developed a major baby crush on Lizzy lately (he is so excited whenever he sees her - he'll stare at her forever in her car seat ha! - and is basically completely enthralled with the whole idea of a baby...let's hope that sticks when baby sister comes around!) and basically our families are just a perfect match.

Little Emma just turned 3 (THREE?!...that means my baby is turning three soon ahhh!) and for her birthday we took a day trip to Fairytale Town. Enter so many pictures.

^Jack told me (and anyone else he saw) the rest of the day "the sheeps were sleeping. they didn't wake up." yep. kind of boring sheep.

I didn't get any pictures of the slides but let's just talk for a second about how much Phillip loved the slides and could have gone one million times down each one and how Scaredy Jack didn't dare go down any of the big (or semi-big) slides. He was happy to watch Emma & Phillip go down and cheer for them haha! It's crazy how different the two boys are!

^how adorable is it that emma asked to hold jack's hand? basically i was dying over this cuteness.

^these two kill me. Jack is going to be a bucket of tears come summer when little Emma moves away! First best friends are irreplaceable.

Up tomorrow: City Works Day with our BFFs.


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