City Works Day

So a nearby city has this fun free event called City Works Day where they bring tons of city vehicles into the library parking lot and little kids can walk around and explore, sit in the vehicles (honk the horns!), talk to the workers (police officers, fire fighters, construction truck drivers, etc) plus there are tons of booths with little goodies like pencils, coloring books, frisbees, garbage truck toys!, candy and more! To say this was little kid heaven is an understatement. My boys (especially Jack) were on Cloud 9. Plus we went with our BFFs Emily, Emma & Lizzy which makes everything even more fun!

Onto the inevitable picture overload.

^I don't know, don't ask.

^Phillip was not so sure about the garbage truck haha!

^Free freshly popped popcorn!? Happy littles!

^It's a dang good thing this kitty was not yet adoptable because if she was I'm pretty sure I might have walked away with her. I mean do you see her!? Cutest little kitten and plus she's orange which is Jack's favorite color so basically she was perfect. Plus I'm pregnant and I want to take anything home that is tiny and cute.

 ^let's not make riding in the back of police cars a regular thing, okay little ones? i know it seems pretty cool buuuuut...ya know.

Thanks, city of Folsom, for a fun day! We'll be back next year!



  1. We love reading about your adventures. Thank you for taking us along for the ride through pictures!


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