Jack: 2 years, 10 months

I gave you a Phillip update a couple weeks ago so now for a Jack Jack update!

Lover of puzzles. He can do 24 piece jigsaw puzzles without help and he has one 48 jigsaw he can do by himself too. We're hoping to get him some more 48+ piece puzzles for his 3rd birthday so he can have more of a challenge as the 24-piece ones are getting too easy for him!

Favorite movies/shows: Cars, Planes, Toy Story of Terror, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, anything Lego.

Mama: Jack, you're not listening to me. When I tell you to get into your car seat you need to get in your car seat. Got it? You need to listen to Mommy.
Jack: No, you're the bad guy.
Where does he come up with this stuff?

Favorite foods: panda bear nuggets (panda express), corn on the cob, french fries, popsicles, grapes, cantaloupe, olives, lettuce and all desserts.

Favorite songs: Popcorn, color song (we learned this at our library and you sing about the colors you are wearing, it's a definite favorite!), The Jack Song (made up and I sort of wish I never had made it up because we sing it so much that I HATE it!), itsy bitsy spider...this list could actually go on forever. The kid loves music.

Favorite toys: Cars, Mr. Potato Head, balls/baseball bats/golf clubs, swords, crayons/markers/watercolor paints, play kitchen stuff, MegaBloks.

Jack: Phillip, say Jack Jack.
Jack: Say Jack Jack.
Jack: Phillip. Say Jack Jack.
Jack: Mommy, Phillip not saying Jack Jack. He not saying it. He not saying any words.

After seeing a Target cart on the side of the road...
Jack: Mom, look! It's a Target cart. But Target is really far away.
Mama: Yeah, I guess someone put it there.
Jack: Oh yeah maybe the bad guys.
Mama: The bad guys? Maybe...
Jack: Or maybe just the people.

Favorite color: orange.
Favorite number: 2 (pretty sure that's because he's two years old ha). But whenever he sees a 2 he tells me "mommy, that's my favorite number!"

Walked into Jack's bedroom to find pillows and blankets all off the bed and all over the floor. This always means they are building a castle or fort.
Me: Wow, are you guys building a fort?!
Jack: Yeah, wii fort resort!
...umm, apparently he doesn't know the real name of Wii Sports Resort? haha!

Me: Oh, crap!
Jack: What'd you say? What'd you say, Mommy?
Me: I said "oh shoot."
Jack: No. You said "oh crap!"
Jack: Mom, you said "oh crap!" That's what you said.

I made popcorn for Jack while he was watching a movie before bed. I joined him on the couch and took a handful of popcorn and...
Jack: Mommy, not take a loz of emz (this is how he always says "a lot of them" and it gets me every time haha)
I take another handful a few minutes later aaaand he took the bag and moved it to his other side out of my reach. What the?! It was a FULL BAG of popcorn and I seriously couldn't have two handfuls?! Hahah!

In the middle of the night:
"Mommy, Mr. Bunny's hitting me!"

"Mommy, you wanna play wandy can?"
Wandy can = Candyland

"Mom, do you wanna play racers? It's cool. You run."

Me: You need to get dressed soon because we're going to Target.
Jack: Not just two stores?
Me: Not two stores. Just one.
Jack: Yeah, just only Target.
Me: right
Jack: Just Phillip and us. Not Daddy.
Me: Yeah, not Daddy.
Jack: Yeah not a loz of emz. Not a lot of guys.

As I'm standing on the tub ledge adjusting the shower head:
Jack: Be careful, Mommy! It's too dangerous!

While we were out shopping with my grandma...
(great!) grandma: I'm thirsty, I need a drink.
Jack (from the backseat): There's Starbucks. You can get Starbucks at Target.
YOU GUYS. We were not even at or near Target hahahha! And while we DO get vanilla bean fraps every once in awhile it is not like I'm there every day! We treat ourselves to a vanilla bean like twice a month, if that! I was dying that he totally suggested Starbucks the minute someone mentioned they were thirsty. HE'S TWO.

Little Jack-o-Lantern, we sure do love you to pieces! It is so fun watching you grow and learn new things every day but goodness, could time slow down just a little bit?!


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