Mother's Day 2015

Surprise, surprise.
I'm two weeks late.

BUT. We had a good little Mother's Day over here. Church in the morning followed by Skyping my cutest little sister who is serving a mission in Pittsburgh (we only get to talk to her twice a year so it's pretty exciting!), some time spent at Mom Wallace's in the afternoon, then dinner with my parents' and grandma's complete with cheesecake dessert which always makes for a great day.

The best part of the day was just spending time with all my favorite people, especially my three favorite boys.

You are about to be hit with one million pictures of almost exactly the same pose but I just can't narrow it down. All the different expressions perfectly explain my everyday life.

^have to say i'm pretty excited for this baby girl to come and to get a 4-generation (all girls!) photo with my grandma and mama!

^how gorgeous are my grandma's?!

^I realize that I for some reason look like a GIANT compared to my mama but A) my heels and B) let's just blame all that extra flab on pregnancy, k? We'll try this picture again when I'm a little less belly and booty. sure love this lovely mama even if she is making me look bad!

AND let's just talk about how CUTE my little sister is for one second, okay?

^She has officially been out six (almost seven!) months which means she is 1/3 of the way done with her mission! EEK. I miss this girl like CUH-RAZY and cannot wait to see her again in another year!

These little boys keep my life busy and sometimes a little crazy but I love (almost) every moment! Ever since I was a little girl I've dreamed of being a wife and mom and I can honestly say that it's even better than I ever imagined! My days are filled with joy & love and I wouldn't want to spend my life any other way than beside the love of my life raising these littles. It seems as though life couldn't get any sweeter but I know it will when baby girl arrives and then again with each new addition to our little (or almost not so little anymore!) family!

Oh and my boys gifted me a massage PLUS chiropractor gift voucher so I was all smiles about that. Two things my 30+ week pregnant body so needed ha.

Hope all you beautiful girls out there (mama's or not!) had a wonderful Mother's Day! All women are Mother's in one way or another :)

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