Phillip: 15 Months

Let's chat about Phillip at 15 months, shall we?

Little boy is 20lb (5%) and 31" (50%). He's such a teensy little thing! Every time I pick him up I'm amazed all over again by how light he is. Jack was 20lb by 6 months so this little baby business is all new to me!

Kid loves to color. LOVES. I don't think Jack understood how to really use a pen/crayon/marker at this age but Phillip has loved to color for a couple months now. Although we're working on only coloring on paper ;)

Current vocabulary includes: hi!, uh oh, ball, mama, dada, whoa.

He knows dogs say "woof woof!" but every other animal says "rawwwwwr!"

Favorite foods: yogurt, cheese sticks, frosted mini wheats, yogurt bites, goldfish, applesauce pouches, french fries, any & all dessert. And also my child loves soda. I know, it's so bad that he's even had it before to know to love it! If we are out and someone has soda at the table he screams and cries until he gets a sip. I always give in and it's so bad! But we never ever have soda at home so he gets a few sips a week and I figure it's not gonna kill him haha.

This baby is our little climber! I'm always surprised at the things he can climb up on/into. Jack Jack has never been a climber (still isn't!) and Phillip can climb things that Jack wouldn't dare attempt to climb. He's also far more of a daredevil than Jack ever was. Just the other day we went to Fairytale Town (which is basically a glorified park ha!) and Phillip wanted to go down all the big slides over and over again. Jack stood at the bottom and watched him come down and cheered for him hahaha! Seriously, polar opposites when it comes to things that are "dangerous!" as Jack would say.

Lover of BOOKS. He will bring a book to me and climb onto my lap and plop down to read it. It's the cutest! His favorite by far is Peek A Who? followed by Little Blue Truck.

Expert tantrum thrower. He is following in big brother's footsteps and will slam his head on the ground any time he's upset. He has also mastered dramatic flops followed by sprawling out on the floor screaming/crying. Luckily most tantrums last all of three seconds before he gives up and starts playing again.

Loves to watch cars! Anytime he is in the playroom and a car drives down our street he will run to the window and say "hi!" and "vroom!" He also never misses the sound of a car passing by somewhere outside.

He is such a sweet, happy little baby and we love having him in our family! He brings us so much joy I can't even handle it!



  1. Oh melt my heart... he is SO CUTE! How do you stand it??
    Gotta love the tantrums... especially when inflict harm to themselves on top of it. Seriously, what is with kids and slamming their heads when they are upset?!

    1. Thank you!! About the slamming heads...right?!? My oldest used to do it too! WHY.


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