36 Weeks...and counting!

36 weeks! 4 weeks left! We are officially less than one month away from Baby Girl's due date! I have a feeling that four weeks are going to fly! I still have several things on my to-do list to prep for baby girl:

-Finish tassel mobile in nursery
-Organize Baby Girl's closet (which includes organizing Jack's closet and merging Phillip's clothes...proving to be quite the undertaking as I can't figure out where to fit all their clothes!)
-Install car seat (this takes like two seconds and I likely won't do it until the week she's expected but I do need to move Jack's car seat to the third row which includes flipping him to forward facing and I think I should allow myself more time for that as it seems semi-complicated).
-Pack hospital bag & baby's bag. Likely won't do this until week of haha. But maybe I should start making a list of what I want to include?
-Headbands! I have so much fabric I've bought over the last several weeks that are just waiting to be sewn up.
-Sew new changing pad cover. I just made one for her a few weeks ago but I've decided it doesn't quite fit the space. So I'm off to the fabric store very soon (tomorrow maybe?) to pick out new fabric.
-CLEAN AND PURGE. Like everything. Nesting, ya know?

Okay well a little 36 week survey, shall we?

Total weight gain: 31 pounds ahhh! I am freaking out because I just calculated that based on the number I saw the nurse record today and GAHH. Having only gained 28lb total with Phillip I'm feeling so blah about 31 pounds at 36 weeks.
Maternity clothes:  Still living in dresses for the most part with the exception of a new pair of ankle polka-dot skinnies from A Pea in the Pod (pictured above, find them here) which are so comfy I could scream. 
Sleep: Getting pretty uncomfortable at night. I'm generally fine during the day but once I stop moving and settle down in bed my lower back starts to kill, my belly feels ginormous and the Braxton Hicks start coming. Still sleeping decently well though, all things considered so I can't complain too much.
Best moment of this week: Hmm lots! Had my baby shower which was so amazing (post coming soon!), put Baby Girl's clothes in the closet (drooled lots), shopped for newborn outfits since we had a grand total of two everyday outfits, one Sunday dress, and two sleeper gowns in newborn size. Shopping for newborn clothes is SO FUN. Bought everything else from my registry that we need that wasn't gifted. Worked a little more in Baby Girl's nursery which is turning out just exactly as I'd hoped! 
Miss anything: Same things. Non-maternity jeans, being able to walk a flight of stairs or across Target without running out of breath. Being able to bend over easily to clean up the playroom, etc.
Movement: She's still moving but definitely feeling like she is more cramped!

Exercise: Still so consistent and so proud! 20 minutes of cardio, tricep dips, calf raises and squats 6 days a week! And still feeling pretty good while I do it so happy about that!
Food cravings: Still crushed ice. Craving it like nobody's business.
Labor signs: None yet!
Looking forward to: Completely finishing all of the baby's nursery (almost done!) and starting to get really excited for labor!

And just a few more updates:

-Saw my OB today who did a cervical check ("easy 1cm" !!) and then stripped my membranes as we are hoping Baby Girl makes an appearance a bit before her due date (for insurance purposes we really want her here before July 1!). We'll do a sweep every week in hopes of encouraging her. Just a few days early would be great!

-Weekly check-ups! Can you believe we're already at weekly check-ups!? CRAZY.

-Jack came newborn clothes shopping with me the other night (we spent over two hours at Target and he was the most well-behaved, cutest little shopping buddy!) and he was super opinionated on which outfits we chose. I put one orange outfit back and he told me "oh man, but that's my favorite color! Mom, get that one! It's cute!" We ended up buying it because he was just so insistent but T agreed with me that it wasn't as cute as the others so it's going back...secretly. Don't tell Jack. I'm so loving how opinionated he is on all things baby. Her name, her clothes, everything!

-Still haven't picked a name or gotten any closer to picking a name. We'll likely just wait until she's here to decide.

-Thinking Baby Girl dropped today as I suddenly started getting unbearably sharp lower back pain on one side just as I did with both boys toward the end. It comes and goes but when it comes I can literally barely move. Walking is a joke so if I'm out and about when the pain hits it's the. worst. You might find me crawling around my house if you happen to show up during an episode ;)

Getting so excited to meet her but also feeling like it's coming SO FAST and we are not ready! It's time to start seriously attacking my to-do list.

See you next week for another update!



  1. My guess is she will arrive very soon, like next week...

    1. Surprise! You were totally right! How did you know!? Haha! She sure took me by surprise!


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