First Days at Home with Zoe

"Better late than never" should be my new mantra when it comes to blogging. Even though I'm going to cheat and pre-date this post I'm actually posting it in April when Zoe is 10 months old ha! But here are some pictures of her first days at home with us. It's so fun to look back at these...there are so many sweet memories!

^ trying her blessing dress on ^


Oh my goodness that is a LOT of pictures of one little girl in a few weeks' time! But I'm so glad I have them all and I'm just over here dying over all the newborn goodness! <3 p="">

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  1. So cute! I'm catching up on blogging too. It's time consuming but worth it! No worries that you fall behind. It's like a part-time job keeping up with my photos since I take so many!! You feel like that too?!


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