My Three Favorite Boys

While I'm beyond thrilled to be adding a little girl to the mix, I sure have loved having a house full of boys

^This little one has developed a crazy little personality lately. He is always making crazy faces and telling us random, crazy things and saying stuff like "hi guy guy!" to Daddy when he gets home from work. He gets this stuff from his aunt Laurin ;) ...and also probably from the fact that he's 2-going-on-3.

^while he sometimes says to Daddy "I don't like you!" (so mean!) he always changes his mind after a few minutes or as soon as Daddy leaves for work. Then insert many tears and "I not like Daddy go to work!"

T has been THE best Daddy to two boys and I can't even wait to see him with a little girl! I think he is actually more excited than I am for this baby girl. She is going to be one spoiled little thing with all these boys to love on her and protect her.

Having two boys so close in age has been a dream. Jack is the best big brother and Phillip just adores him. They now can play together for hours in the playroom and I love hearing their little laughs & screams while they build legos, play swords, knock over block towers and wrestle. It's the best ever when you hear Jack say things to Phillip like "come here, honey!" or "Phiddip, where are you? Come play with me!"

Can I just freeze time so they can stay little for just a bit longer?!

But then again. I don't want to be 35 weeks pregnant any longer than I have to so I guess...soldiering on and soaking in every minute of littleness that we have.


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  1. Ah, yes, soak it in, mama! What treasures they are...all three of them! :)


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