Phillip & his stuffed animals

Besides his fierce attachment to Mr. Bunny, Jack has never really been one for stuffed animals. Before Phillip came along they could stay put in their chairs, on the bed, in toy boxes, etc without being touched for weeks. Post-Phillip? I am always finding stuffed animals scattered around the house. Phillip is obsessed with them! ALL of them. His favorite is easily his elephant (who never got an official name so is just known as Elephant ha) but he will find and love on any other stuffed animal in the house, at the store, everywhere! 

^We saw this huge bear at Ross the other day and Phillip was SO excited about it. I was so tempted to buy it but I'm like Jack - not a huge stuffed animal fan haha! We have enough hanging out around the house that have basically all been gifted to us and we definitely don't need any more. So I was strong and I passed and the poor babe cried when I took it away and put it back on the shelf.

But really, I just had to document how adorable it is to see Phillip come walking down the hall with 50 stuffed animals in his arms and bumping into the walls because he can't even see where he's going with his tower of animals haha! Now just hoping he feels this same way about (still nameless) Baby Sister? I just hope I don't catch him walking down the hall with her ;)


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