Wallace House Updates: May

Our May (and maybe a little of our April haha) went a little something like this...

A few days at the park with the amazing (much cooler than usual!) weather we've been having.

Lunch dates with my parents'.

An 18th birthday celebration for Baby Davis!

^I spy Jack being like "hurry up and blow the candles out so we can eat that cake."

A partial master bedroom reno. BEFORE --->


Basically I love it. Those nightstands are the first pieces of real furniture to be added to our master. This room has definitely been neglected since we bought our house as almost nobody sees it besides us. That makes it pretty low on the priority list. But I was getting pretty sick of the piles and PILES of stuff on our single nightstand (and not having a nightstand on my side of the bed!) and then these went on sale at Target so I snatched them. And then I just had to finish them off with decor & lights and it has seriously made a huge difference in our bedroom. It feels so much more cozy and homey. We still need to replace the blue blinds, add a bench to the end of the bed, find a headboard and buy a dresser and an arm chair. All in good time.

I think we maybe have received more packages in April & May than in the last two years. I don't even know why it seems like I've been buying something online every other day. Maybe because of all the baby girl stuff? And maternity dresses? And we've been on a bit of a workout kick lately and ordered a workout bench, weights, a pull-up bar...and more. hahahha

Time spent with BFFs.

Lots of messes made.

Baby Girl's (& mama's!) very first quilt finished! Obsessed is an understatement.

Good long afternoon naps after long days in the sun and out & about.

Car shenanigans. Like when our van started making an awful sound and the alternator had to be replaced. Yuck.

Goodbye's to BFFs. This is Elder Dorff, Jack's missionary BFF. The missionaries for our church have lived with my parents' off & on over the last year or so and while they are all great some of them just really click with Jack (and everyone else). Jack has had a few missionary BFF's and Elder Dorff was on the top of his missionary BFF list. He was transferred to another area and Jack will definitely be missing him!

A trip to the zoo with Jack's cousin Hayden's preschool class. Daddy happened to have this week off work so he got to come with us which was so. much. fun!

How adorable are these little cousins?

Many trips to Carter's. I can't stop shopping for baby clothes! But I've been trying to be smart about it and not buy too many clothes in the same size. So I now have a wardrobe for basically newborn-12 months haha! Okay, not her entire wardrobe but at least a few pieces in every size! Good thing Carter's has their lego/toy tables to keep these boys entertained because I could spend hours in that store.

Afternoons spent watching the Little League-ers practice. You should have seen how excited Jack was when a ball was hit over the fence and he got to go retrieve it and throw it back.

A day at the splash pad with many more anticipated splash pad days this summer!

Lots of zzz's because the boys are exhausting and I'm in my third trimester.

Giddiness over this cuteness and the fact that we made that.

Creepy stalkers taking and sending us pictures like this.

I'm only halfway kidding. We were stopping at Starbucks after an appointment with my OB and my brother was at work at Chili's across the street. He saw us walking by and (fast-thinker!) snapped this picture and sent it to me. I was only a little creeped out when it popped up on my phone two seconds later haha. I also felt a little celebrity-ish which was cool.

54th birthday celebrations for Daddy-O.

Lots of snuggles & books (mostly Peek A Who over and over again because it's Phillip's favorite ever).

And this is totally random and so old and not at all April/May related but I came across this picture the other day and A) I miss my long(er) hair and B) I miss being skinny and C) I really should wear my glasses more often because I paid for them and I never use them when I really do need them while driving hahaha

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