Jack's 3rd birthday!


We were super lucky this year to have so much family in town for Jack's 3rd birthday! We partied hard all day and our sweet little boy had a blast!

We started the day with birthday donuts (a tradition!)

Then we headed to the movies to see Inside Out. I actually fell asleep (still in that newborn zombie stage haha!) but I think Jack liked it!

It was the first time I've braved the theaters with a newborn (this was actually Jack's first real theater experience & Phillip has never been - we left him with Grandma to nap for this one ha!) and it actually went surprisingly really well! She nursed a couple times throughout but she barely made a peep!

We headed to lunch with my family before going back to our house to play awhile. Anytime we drove in the car I sat in the back with Jack which he thought was pretty special! So easy to please a 3 year old :)

We went to Godfather's Pizza for dinner and then had a little family party for Jack back at the house! 

^ So Tom & I got Jack a Leapster for his birthday but after we had him play with it for about ten minutes we realized it was super lame and we would rather spend a little extra money for an iPad where we just load only educational games! It made way more sense since the Leapster was around $80 and each game is $15-20! Apps are free or WAY cheaper than that plus we can share them among all our devices! It ended up working out even better than we thought because after returning the Leapster we realized we could just give Jack my old iPhone that I had just replaced with a newer version. We bought a new kid-friendly case, changed the background picture and replaced all my apps with Jack-friendly apps and he never even knew it was my old iPhone haha! He LOVES it and it is way, way better than the Leapster which was SO slow and pretty boring!

And how can you have a 3rd birthday without being gifted a tricycle!? Thanks Grandma, Grandpa & Great-Grandmas!

We finished the night off with Jack's special requested basketball cake (which we bought at Sam's Club and cost way too much for how lame it was, honestly haha!) It's basically a normal cake with basketball rings stuck into it and it didn't even taste very good! Jack loved it but still...never again.

We sure love this sweet little boy and he is so lucky to have so many aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents who love him and spoil him!

Happy 3rd birthday, our sweet Jack Jack! We love watching you grow!


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