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Monday, August 31, 2015

We've had so much fun with my sister Laurin living here for a couple months while they house-hunted in their new city a few hours south of us! She & her kids lived with my parents which is just five minutes from us and we've been able to spend so much time together! We have never lived near each other when we've both had kids so it has been so fun! We did lots of Target runs, lots of house projects (thanks, Laur!), lots of playdates, a few sleepovers and more! We'll sure miss our little gang when they leave for Bakersfield!

Wallace Family Reunion: Part II

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Every month the Wallace family gets together for Family Home Evening and to celebrate all the birthdays for that month. We got to celebrate Jack Jack's July birthday during the reunion and it was so fun to have everyone there! Cannot believe this sweet little boy is so grown up (3!!)! He got lots of fun presents included a left-hand throw baseball glove (finally! he has been wanting one!), dinosaurs, a bowling set (used on the daily), Cars cars (Sally & his 4th McQueen which he's totally thrilled about. He loves to set up all his McQueens together and race them against each other ha), a puzzle, some money & Target gift cards. Lucky little boy!

Tom & I thought it would be so much fun to have all the cousins together for a campout in our backyard one night of the reunion. When I was little we used to have a campout each summer in my great-aunt's backyard with some of our second cousins and we looked forward to it every year! I have so many fond memories of that and because this little Wallace campout was such a success T & I are thinking of making it an annual thing for all the local cousins! We projected a movie outside (Toy Story of Terror - if you haven't seen it, you are missing out! It's the cutest!), had s'mores over a fire pit, slept in tents (except I slept inside with the babies in my comfy bed haha!), and had donuts for breakfast!
^Zoe shares a birthday with her cousin Reagan and was also born on Grandma & Grandpa Wallace's wedding anniversary! So these are our June 8th people haha! ^


Wallace Family Reunion: Part I

Saturday, August 22, 2015

In July we had such a fun reunion with Tom's mom & siblings + families (all 10 of them!). Jack & Phillip had so much fun with all their cousins (so far there are 31 grandchildren!) and Zoe loved the endless attention.

^we won one round of the water ballon toss on sports day, go us!^

^cousin Brandon was a baby hog in the best baby-hogging way. I think he managed to get the baby so often by reminding everyone that he wasn't going to get to hold a baby for the next two years since he left on his mission just weeks after the reunion haha! There's just something about boys/men who adore babies that is just so sweet!

One of the days we spent some time bowling & playing arcade games. Jack loved bowling (Phillip was extra sleepy & cranky but Aunt Julie was sweet to hold him the whole time) and they both loved the arcades!...and let's get real, T & I are both arcade fanatics too. It's a good thing we don't gamble because I'm pretty sure I wasted so many tokens on games just because "for sure this time I'll win the jackpot!" Nope.

^their beloved (cheapo) race cars which is all we got with our hundreds of tickets hahahha


A's Game for the Win!...but then they lost.

Friday, August 21, 2015

For Father's Day, the boys & I (and sort of Zoe except her name wasn't on the gift since I wrote the card in early June and wasn't thinking she would be here by Father's Day ha!) gifted Daddy tickets to an A's game. Even though this went down as one of the lamest games in the history of A's games we've attended (giving up 7 runs in one inning!) we still had so much fun! We left Phillip with Tom's sisters (he played a little musical houses and pretty sure he didn't regret not being able to come with us to the game even one bit...all that attention from cousins & aunties and he was in heaven!) and took Jack Jack, Zoe, and Tom's mom! A night of peanuts, hot dogs, cotton candy, fireworks, and baseball. The perfect all-American evening! PS pretty sure there are no pictures of Zoe and that might be because the sweet grandma in front of me hinted that she might love to hold little 9-day old Zoe and being the brave mama I am I totally gave her up to the complete stranger who kept her for a good two hours haha! Don't worry - she was sitting directly in front of me! And you should have seen how much happiness it brought her to cuddle a little newborn. Her husband even thanked me after the game for letting her hold Zoe haha!


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