A's Game for the Win!...but then they lost.

For Father's Day, the boys & I (and sort of Zoe except her name wasn't on the gift since I wrote the card in early June and wasn't thinking she would be here by Father's Day ha!) gifted Daddy tickets to an A's game. Even though this went down as one of the lamest games in the history of A's games we've attended (giving up 7 runs in one inning!) we still had so much fun! We left Phillip with Tom's sisters (he played a little musical houses and pretty sure he didn't regret not being able to come with us to the game even one bit...all that attention from cousins & aunties and he was in heaven!) and took Jack Jack, Zoe, and Tom's mom! A night of peanuts, hot dogs, cotton candy, fireworks, and baseball. The perfect all-American evening! PS pretty sure there are no pictures of Zoe and that might be because the sweet grandma in front of me hinted that she might love to hold little 9-day old Zoe and being the brave mama I am I totally gave her up to the complete stranger who kept her for a good two hours haha! Don't worry - she was sitting directly in front of me! And you should have seen how much happiness it brought her to cuddle a little newborn. Her husband even thanked me after the game for letting her hold Zoe haha!

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