Photo Spam: Our Three Littles

Back to the grind!...and by grind I mean blogging. I'm so far behind since Zoe was born 8 weeks (!!!) ago and I almost don't know where to start which has kept me off the blog even longer. I finally decided I'd better just get at it. Expect things to be a little scattered over here for a little bit as I rehash our last several weeks while also keeping you updated on the here & now.

Life with three has been a much easier adjustment than what some told me it would be, I'm sure mostly due to the fact that Zoe rarely cries and is not at all needy. She eats and then sleeps on repeat all day long. She does love to be held (I love having a little cuddler!) and occasionally she'll cry for you to pick her up but she'll then generally fall asleep within seconds and is happy to be put down again. I try to spend time snuggling her after nursing or at night before bed as she doesn't get a lot of snuggle time throughout the day while I'm busy with the boys & running the household! Life with these three has been so much fun that I seriously (seriously!) asked Tom the other day if he was maybe ready for #4 soon? Haha you guys, am I crazy!?

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