Wallace Family Reunion: Part I

In July we had such a fun reunion with Tom's mom & siblings + families (all 10 of them!). Jack & Phillip had so much fun with all their cousins (so far there are 31 grandchildren!) and Zoe loved the endless attention.

^we won one round of the water ballon toss on sports day, go us!^

^cousin Brandon was a baby hog in the best baby-hogging way. I think he managed to get the baby so often by reminding everyone that he wasn't going to get to hold a baby for the next two years since he left on his mission just weeks after the reunion haha! There's just something about boys/men who adore babies that is just so sweet!

One of the days we spent some time bowling & playing arcade games. Jack loved bowling (Phillip was extra sleepy & cranky but Aunt Julie was sweet to hold him the whole time) and they both loved the arcades!...and let's get real, T & I are both arcade fanatics too. It's a good thing we don't gamble because I'm pretty sure I wasted so many tokens on games just because "for sure this time I'll win the jackpot!" Nope.

^their beloved (cheapo) race cars which is all we got with our hundreds of tickets hahahha


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