Calaveras State Park


I feel like every single blog post I write these days starts with something like "I'm baaack!" And then it's all a lie and I'm back for one post and then in hiding again for 3+ months. So here we are again...cheat blogging with pictures from almost a year ago (and pre-dating said post so it looks like I actually blog in real time). BUT I've come to terms with the fact that I don't care anymore about having a "popular" blog and my blogging is mostly for the purpose of journaling and having all these thousands of pictures in some semblance of order. So...from 10 months ago, I bring you the one time we went to Calaveras State Park with my family.

It's so crazy that I have lived in Northern California almost my whole life and still have not seen so much of the goodness nearby! Calaveras is less than a two hour drive and we finally made our way here after 20+ years of NorCal living. It was gorgeous and so much fun! We did a little hike, Zoe was a champ in the Solly and the kids loved running along the trail looking at all the GIANT trees!

Jack had one great big pout-session when we took our only whole-family picture so this is the best you're gonna get ha!

This selfie my dad took on my phone pretty much describes him perfectly. A pictures says a thousand words, right?

Hope to be back with more posts know, since my phone has over 5,000 pictures and no space for anything haha!


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