Fairytale Town with cousins!

Fairytale Town is basically a glorified park where they charge kids and adults alike to come in and play haha. My kids absolutely LOVE it though so we pay the few bucks a couple times a year and spend all day going down slides, climbing on cheese, running the crooked mile and playing on the pirate ship. Growing up, our mom used to take us here with our cousins and it is SO crazy (and weird!) to now BE the mom taking my kids with my sister and her kids! When did we grow up?

My little Scaredy-Jack didn't like some of the bigger slides so he hung out with me & Zoe at the bottom of the slide watching his cousins & Phillip go down time & time again ha!

Phillip is fearless and loves all of the slides, big and small! He makes me nervous climbing up some to some of the slides that have what seem like thousands of stairs to get to the top haha!

Jack braved Owl's Treehouse slide once but only because he got to sit on Aunt Laurin's lap ha!

So many more summer adventures to blog about!

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