From my insta: This mad face says it all but I'll say it too: we had a HARD first experience with organized sports. Jack Jack played pee-wee basketball the last 6 weeks but as the youngest and smallest (and shyest!) on the team he was constantly discouraged at not being able to compete at the same level as everyone else. We meant for this to be a fun experience for him but instead it turned out to be extremely trying (for both of us!). I wanted to rescue him from his little trial but also knew I wanted him to stick it out and finish what he started. Today was our last day (phew!!) and while it was the worst of them all as far as tears and mad faces go, I was so proud of our little guy when he walked up and got his completion award from his coach. This kid EARNED that award!

I seriously am SO happy to be done with this experience and while we are not finished with sports, I'd say we are definitely finished with this league. The experience with them was nowhere near pleasant and I felt like it was SO competitive for being a 3-6 year old basketball CLASS. Not even a team! The coach got frustrated with Jack so many times for him not being able to dribble, shoot, etc. He just turned three, oh my goodness! Jack constantly felt defeated and I constantly felt frustrated (at the coach). Next time we do sports we are hoping for a happier ending!

Daddy trying to give Jack a pep talk to play in the little scrimmage they did at the last class. He wasn't having it, ha!

Not a happy camper but that is one cute little face. And I had fun shopping for his basketball outfits so it wasn't a total fail haha!

Hands in his mouth, his #1 sign of nervousness. He pretty much had fingers in his mouth every class, the whole class haha.

It was so funny to watch him stretch. He totally did not understand what he was supposed to be doing like 80% of the time. The class is supposed to be for ages 3-6 but really is geared WAY more toward the 5-6 year olds. Jack was the youngest participant by a full YEAR.

Phillip was a good little cheerleader during the 6 weeks of classes but also a little tornado who was always trying to run in to play ha! I definitely got my workouts in trying to keep him tracked down and off the court. He will be so excited when he's old enough for organized sports!

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