Happy 30th to our favorite guy!

We celebrated T's 30th birthday last week...for about two seconds before we didn't see him the rest of the day haha! Oh but let me say...the big audit he's been working on ended TODAY and we have a husband and daddy back, HALLELUJAH!! Besides the 6 weeks off he took when Zoe was born (not complaining!) we haven't seen him since MARCH. The hours have been hectic and I don't think we've had dinner at home together in months. But tomorrow, life is normal and daddy-filled again!! Until December 1 when busy season starts haha!

Back to birthday celebrations! I really, really wanted to do something BIG for T's 30th but considering that he couldn't get a single day off (even Saturdays!) I had to put my plans on hold and squeeze in what celebrations I could. So we started the day with 30 hanging balloons, a french toast breakfast, presents (a white dress shirt and an electric razor...yeah, we're real exciting around here), and family selfies (haha!) before sending Daddy off to work as a 30 year old man ;) We literally did not see him the rest of the day but I'm still hoping to make my big birthday surprise happen later this month!

I sure love this guy!

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