The Story of Duck

Jack wanted to lay in my bed with me for a little bit the other night and after we finished reading a couple books I told him to tell me a story. He needed some prompting like "What's your favorite animal? Okay, tell a story about that animal," "Where did they go next? What did they buy?" etc. And after about two sentences I was pretty sure the story of Duck was really the story of Jack's dream life. By the end of the story I was certain that was the case. For your reading pleasure, I bring you...The Story of Duck, as told by Jack Wallace.

Once upon a time there was a duck named Duck (duh) who says quack (he's so original). In the morning, Duck woke up and got dressed in a shirt, shorts and Monsters Inc underwear. He brushed his teeth with his Avengers/Lightning McQueen toothbrush (combination of Jack & Phillip's toothbrushes haha) then had Mini Wheats for breakfast (for the record, we actually eat first and then brush our teeth, in case you're wondering ha). After breakfast, Duck went shopping with his mom. First they went to Michaels and bought a witch (I have never bought a witch from Michaels haha) then they went to Target and bought five toothbrushes. After Target they went to Lowes and bought some lights and then to Home Depot and bought some houses. After Home Depot they went home and Duck took a nap in his Mommy's bed. He woke up and played blocks and then went to Mommy's bed. The end.

So basically you know that we frequent Michaels (not usually but just lately as we had to collect a few items and went every day to get them each 50% off haha!), Target (always but I've never bought 5 toothbrushes), Home Depot & Lowes. We've been to the hardware stores a lot lately buying things for a few home reno projects I have going on/am hoping to tackle soon. We looked at lights at Lowes that day since I'm getting ready to do a mini renovation of the master bath and want to replace the light and the houses Duck bought from Home Depot I'm pretty sure are the sample kitchens they have on display. Every time we go to the hardware stores Jack wants to go look at "the houses" and walk through them haha. Too bad the real-life Duck's (Jack's) mommy (me!) can't afford to buy multiple Home Depot houses haha!

And also now you know that Jack reallllllly wants to sleep in my bed during nap and bedtime lately haha! I think he was secretly hoping that he would trick me into letting him sleep in my bed. Didn't happen. Sorry, Duck.

I pinky promise to bring you any other Duck (or other animal) stories that come my way.

Mama Duck

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