This stuff happened a long time ago.

Like no joke, a REALLY long time ago. But seriously I just really one day want to not be playing catch up and be blogging in real time. #lifegoals

This one was taken months ago but Phillip still climbs into Zoe's car seat all. the. time. Just this morning the boys climbed into the car and when I brought Zoe out Phillip was all settled into her car seat instead of his ha! He really probably still fits the height/weight requirements anyway ;)

My friend Emily was so brave and took Jack with her two girls and her nephew for an afternoon play date to the library and Costco. 4 kids under 4? Brave, brave, and brave again.

 When you squish three babies into the double stroller...

New restaurant game that is guaranteed endless fun for littles: set up all but one of the coloring crayons they give you, points in the air. Use leftover crayon to play "bowling." Daddies come up with the funnest games.

When the kids fall asleep seconds before pulling into the driveway it's bad news. You mamas know.

If you're lucky (like really, extra lucky) you get this:

 And if not (99.9% of the time you're not), you get this:

First-time-ever movie go-ers. Horrible picture quality (dark, dark theater + iPhone flash = bad combo) but it must be documented! This is when I was still pregnant with Zoe (a few days from delivery!) and the theater was doing $1 summer movies. I thought I would take Jack to a few before Zoe's arrival but turned out we made it to just this one. While I probably wouldn't pay full-price to take Jack to the theater at this age he totally loved the experience!

And I'm glad I paid $1 for Phillip to take his morning nap... (next time he is staying home with Grandma haha!)

Phillip rarely falls asleep anywhere but his crib so you know he's tired when you're at your friends house and...

I really never posted about my little brother graduation high school (4.5 months ago). I blame everything from mid-May on to the fact that Zoe arrived 3.5 weeks earlier than expected. Totally threw me off my game. PS NOT COMPLAINING. they can all come 3.5 weeks early if they want. Next time I'll just be more prepared. And then they'll be two weeks late.

 And just for your viewing pleasure:


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  1. Phillip with that big corn! And Jack in the tub in pj's! Hahaha made me laugh out loud! They are getting so big!


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